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An often-neglected element of an ERP implementation is training. However, it’s an essential component of any implementation project: users need to be properly trained in order to fully benefit from the features of your new solution. Our peers at 180 Systems shared some ERP Training Tips, and highlighted some areas that are often cause for issues. These include not enough time allocated for training, lack of documentation, and information overload, to name only a few. We thought we’d expand on this incredible list by with a few tips of our own.

ERP training tip #1: Start training users early

It’s important to get your users ready for the upcoming changes early on. That way, they will be more open to change and understand how their role contributes to the big picture. It’s also important to involve them in the process to get their feedback and understand their concerns, and tailor the training accordingly. Ensure proper communication at every step of the implementation project and keep your employees up to date on new developments to minimize the impact on their workload and operations.

ERP training tip #2: Show users what’s in it for them

Resistance to change is a common roadblock during any ERP implementation project. Users may not want to abandon their proven habits or may just have a hard time adopting new technology. They may even be worried that they’ll be out of a job because of the new system. It’s important to reassure them that the system will facilitate and enhance their daily tasks. Make use of customization options, and make sure to provide training to small groups. This will make it easier to tailor training sessions to specific user needs.

ERP training tip #3: Training is an ongoing process

Ensure super-users are available to answer questions after the implementation. Otherwise, users might simply revert to their old habits or find workarounds if they meet obstacles while they’re still learning the ropes. As such, super-users should be readily available to avoid this situation. You should also give your users the chance to share their feedback, and organize follow-up training sessions as needed.

For more Dynamics ERP training tips, check out our eBooks Getting Your Users to Use Your System and 19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP & CRM User Adoption. You’ll have all the tools in hand to ensure your users are properly trained and able to leverage the full benefits of your new Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

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