3 Automated Supply Chain Forecasting Alert Tools

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The majority of solid supply chain planning starts with a good forecast. StockIQ's proprietary forecasting algorithm has been tested on over 1 billion time series to ensure it generates accurate, sensible forecasts.

Proactive planning with real-time visibility revolutionizes how StockIQ Technologies clients see plans, and forecasts inventory. StockIQ's increasingly popular and automated FORECASTING ALERT Tool includes the following:

1. Forecast Vs Statistical Alerts

The Forecast Vs Statistical Alert will notify you when an item is under or over-forecasted and whether additional supply planning is needed for the item. The goal is to help identify, in an automated way, when adjustments should be made to manual forecasts.

2. Forecast Error History Alert

The Forecast Error History Alert will notify you when the historical forecast error of your item falls outside certain ranges.  The goal is to have some automated notification of when the forecast that is in place - manual or auto - is not providing adequate forecast accuracy and should be a prompt to possibly make some changes.

3. Forecast Vs Actuals Alert

The Forecast vs Actuals Alert will notify you when your historical (or current period) forecasts deviate from your actual independent demand by more than your specified parameters in any particular period.  The goal is to help identify, in an automated way, when you have periods where something unusual may have occurred, and therefore needs manual adjustment or human insight in the form of an Event or some other adjustment.

StockIQ delivers world-class inventory visibility solutions to companies across the globe. Our integration-friendly supply chain management suite plugs-and-plays with virtually all leading ERPs and WMS solutions on the market. With custom-coded dashboards and plenty of niche insights, StockIQ delivers value across your business architecture. Contact us to learn more.



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