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Are you interested in a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for your business but are wondering where to start? A logical jumping-off place is right here at the ERP Software Blog. Our members are experts at ERP software and especially Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Peruse our articles dealing with virtually every aspect of Microsoft Dynamics – except one. You’ll find information about functionality and features, which solutions are best for which organizations, how to choose what’s best for your business, how Microsoft Dynamics compares to its competitors, etc.

The one aspect that you won’t read much about is cost. That’s because there are variables, and resellers are reluctant to quote a price before having you sit down with one of their sales reps.

But maybe you need cost information upfront at the beginning of your search. Perhaps you need a budgetary estimate to present for approval. Or, you’re just interested in knowing if a Microsoft Dynamics implementation will be viable given the state of your finances.

That’s where the Quick Quote comes in.

The Quick Quote tool for Microsoft Dynamics

Our Quick Quote tool is designed to give you a budgetary estimate of the price you can expect to pay for a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. It includes software, licensing, maintenance fees, and estimated implementation costs for a Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation/integration from a top Microsoft Partner. And it only takes a minute!

Whichever Dynamics solution you choose,

getting a Quick Quote is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. On the right-hand side of each page of the ERP Software Blog, you’ll see an orange bar labeled: Request an Instant Dynamics ERP Quote. Click on the orange bar, and you’ll be taken to the Quick Quote form.
  2. Click on the options provided for Functionality Required, Additional Functionality, and Level of Support. Fill in your contact information along with the number of projected users. Click submit.
  3. Now, wait just a minute. A comprehensive proposal will arrive in your inbox. The proposal will not only contain a budgetary estimate but will also provide detailed information about cloud versus on-premise options, implementation services, data migration, training, support plans, video testimonials from current Microsoft Dynamics users, and more.

You get all of this without spending time on the phone with a Microsoft Dynamics partner, not to mention long meetings with sales executives.

With this proposal in hand, you can begin to make an informed decision about the viability of a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution for your company.  If it looks like a fit, you can invite a local partner to meet with you whenever you’re ready.

Find a Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner in your area.

The estimate is non-binding, and there’s no obligation on your part; the information and price quote is a free service that we offer to our readers.

The Quick Quote Wizard is easy, and it’s free. Try it now.


By ERP Software Blog Writer, www.erpsoftwareblog.com


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