Employees Won’t Use Your ERP System? Prevent Low User Adoption Before It Has a Chance to Sabotage You’re A/E/C Firm

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As a digital transformation specialist, I connect with prospects in the professional services industry every day. One of the issues most often mentioned is low user adoption. This is disappointing to hear, especially when software implementations are supposed to automate mundane tasks, facilitate accurate and fast reporting, and simplify processes.

The quality of training provided to users, the cleanliness of data, mobility, and ease of use are just a few of the factors that can impact user adoption. Enforcement of system use by management is imperative to high(er) user adoption as well. If  not , let’s face it, the system is not going to be used by everyone.

During the process of selecting a new ERP system,  user adoption is not considered (or given enough weight). Here are a few questions to ask If you are in the market for a new system, and you want to ensure high user adoption:

  • Is the system flexible in accessibility/mobility?
  • Is there buy-in from most stakeholders at your firm?
  • Is your firm ready to enforce quality and use measures?

Adoption of today’s emerging technology is what today’s A/E/C firms envision. Microsoft Dynamics 365 paves the way to user adoption while delivering substantial return of investment and gaining efficiencies by integrating business processes across organizational teams. With the power of the cloud and advanced intelligence capabilities, D365 enables a 360-degree view of firms, allowing them to take command of their business while driving productivity and collaboration across the firm.

aec360 removes excuses when it comes to user adoption. The solution can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere.  Functionality like voice-to-text has been developed to enable busy seller/doers the ability to input their data on the go. Users can access the entire solution in Microsoft Teams, and aec360 ERP can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook.

Embedded in aec360, Microsoft’s Power BI will provide you with a connected A/E/C firm and the ability to capture a snapshot of any part of your process.

Let aec360 help your firm successfully go through a digital transformation. Please drop us a line today.

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