Connected Insights in AEC ERP Software: How They Contribute to a Connected Firm

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AEC ERP software provides Connected Insight when the system embeds information into a business process. Information is connected to action making them more efficient for the user. In this blog post, we’ll look at this aspect of a well-connected AEC firm.

The two main reasons AEC firms find value in their ERP software is processing data and getting information. When we hear AEC firms’ primary complaints about the effectiveness of their ERP software are difficult processing and poor information, it’s not that surprising. This is where Connected Insights comes into play.

Connected insights: Connect directly into your business processes

In an ERP system, when you engage in a process, it almost always involves dealing with information. Developing a proposal is one good example. You require previous project experience as you establish a scope of service for the new project. You need employee project experience and qualifications to develop resumes to present in your proposal. This information comes from your CRM system, your Project Management system, and your Human Resources system.

When all the information you need is not embedded into this process. you have to go look for it. If these Insights are not connected, you might have to go to three (or more) sources.

An integrated approach to connecting information from every source to every process

It’s time consuming and frustrating to jump between data sources to complete a process. The AEC firm that is truly connected gains real-time intelligence by joining their data on a single integrated business platform and being able to embed those insights directly in their business processes. The “need to know” and the “need to do” are now connected.

Connected Insights

Stop searching around for information with AEC ERP software

We designed aec360 ERP software with Connected Insights, embedding the real-time data essential to fulfill your business processes directly when and where you need it. Real-time decisions need to be backed by real-time information. Correct action is determined by correct information. The screen shot below shows a project manager’s dashboard – a single source for all the information needed to analyze their projects and make effective business process decisions.

Why value Connected Insights? An AEC firm’s ERP software should make gathering information they need for a business process decision easier. More often than not, the information comes from different application areas, but it should be fully integrated and delivered in a single source and in real-time. A fully integrated approach to information will drive efficiency and great business process decisions for AEC firms. The Connected Insights in aec360 provides exactly that.

It's all about being “connected” -- Let us show you how:

Enabling the Connected A/E/C Firm with Dynamics 365 and aec360

September 28th, 2021 at 2 PM EDT


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