The Top 4 Benefits of Using a Price Manager

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Benefits of Pricing Manager

Setting prices and implementing revenue management can be a tricky task, especially if you’re juggling several different price lists, each featuring hundreds of items. The best way to avoid the various issues an inefficient process could cause is to invest in a powerful tool that can help you easily manage your price lists.

Rockton Pricing Management has been tailored to allow revenue managers unparalleled freedom when it comes to creating, adjusting, organizing, and filtering price lists. Designed with the user in mind, our flexible pricing management solution enables you to customize the price list by region, date range, and order type.

Here are just a few of the price optimization revenue management benefits you can take advantage of with a dedicated tool:

Bespoke pricing types

One of the key perks of using a flexible price manager is the ability to create multiple price lists based on customer types. This way you can ensure that your loyal existing customers can enjoy generous discounts, or target specific customer segments with special offers.

This pricing engine also generates pricing based on customer ship-to addresses. This means that it will generate a higher price for addresses that are further away from your Home Depot and would be more expensive to ship to.

Set priority pricing

When setting prices and implementing revenue management, you might often want to rank your various price lists based on their priority. In addition to making your pricing system more organized, this approach enables you to automate pricing adjustments, helping you ensure that your customers are always seeing the right price list. For example, priority pricing would enable a Christmas holiday promotion to be prioritized over a standard customer incentive offer.

Sync with web services

Not only does our flexible price manager simplify your price lists, but it can also be synced with Dynamics GP or Acumatica. We provide SQL-based and web service APIs for RPM so you can connect to your ERP system.

Does it sound like you have some work to do to optimize your pricing management system? Get started by downloading our pricing strategies checklist and schedule a minute to chat with us.

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