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Azure Translators is a cognitive service of Microsoft Azure that immediately translates words, labels and sentences in a single request or in batches. Azure Translators supports over 90 different languages and dialects. Translation for call centers, multilingual conversational agents, and in-app communication are just a few of the use cases that the service can help with.
Some of the key features of the Azure Translator service include:
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Cross platform support
  • Customized translation models
  • Auto language detection

Azure Translators can be configured when you search Translator in Azure Portal and select the option to create new translator. Instance details such as Name, Region, Resource Group and Pricing Tier must then be filled out and submitted to get the Web API and key details. These generated keys are necessary in making an API call and accessing your Cognitive Service API.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service Azure Translators
Keys and Endpoint used to access Cognitive Service API in Microsoft Azure.

Azure Translator simplifies translation with a single REST API call and compatibility with a variety of programming languages, including X++, C#, Java, and Python.

Translators can be implemented through Azure Functions and C# console application for reading label file. Translation codes are created in Azure Functions and can be accessed through serverless platforms such as Power Platform and Logic Apps while D365 operations label file is read by the C# console program, which exports a translated label file in French, Italian, Spanish, and German.


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