4 Problems Supply Chain Planning Solutions Should Address

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Founded in 2015 by a trio of industry professionals with over 50 years of collective experience, StockIQ provides distributors, manufacturers, and 3PL’s with a supply chain planning suite equipped with replenishment planning, demand forecasting, inventory analytics, promotion planning, SIOP, and supplier performance. The company also provides its clients with ERP integrations, full scale implementations, and training services.

Listed below you will find four (4) of the many challenges Supply Chain Planning software should address:

  1. Poor or No Forecast - Are you even generating forecasts today? If so, are they coming out of a spreadsheet? StockIQ's powerful forecasting algorithm puts an end to wondering what tomorrow will bring.
  2. Long Replenishment Cycle - Manual or spreadsheet-based ordering means it can take days to get your ordering done. Turn that into mere minutes with StockIQ's Replenishment engine.
  3. Inventory Visibility - Do we have enough? Are we out? Will we be out? Wonder no more, as StockIQ's inventory analytics suite will ensure you know everything you want to about your inventory position
  4. Tribal Knowledge - Is there ONE person that knows how the purchasing works? What happens if they retire? or quit? StockIQ helps reduce your risk by getting process out of people's heads and into a system that can be shared

StockIQ’s supply chain planning platform can be run either in the cloud or on-premises and is accessible on multiple form factors—desktop, browser, mobile, and others. It offers a wide range of integrative capabilities and is designed by professionals who understand the challenges in the industry and want to help companies solve them. Contact us today!

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