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By 2025, the U.S. healthcare industry will be worth $5.5 billionIn 2016, worldwide healthcare mergers and acquisitions (M&A) reached roughly $320 billion, and in the first half of 2021, the global M&A deal value has almost reached $300 billion. The content below explores best practices in administration and accounting in the healthcare industry. We covered a range of topics addressing issues surrounding digital transformation in healthcare. Check out the following resources to learn more.

MB2 Dental scales monthly invoicing for 250 locations without adding overheads

Case study | MB2 Dental scales monthly invoicing for 250 locations without adding overheads   

MB2 Dental is a fast-growing dental management and practice development company that allows dentists to invest in one another from both a financial and professional standpoint. When they were just 20 clinics, they installed both QuickBooks and to manage accounts, but as they grew, these systems could no longer handle the number of accounts being processed. They needed something robust, a system capable of accelerating the growth of MB2 Dental. Download the case study to learn how MB2 Dental was able to scale their operations for 250 locations without adding overheads. 

Healthcare centre of the future

Video | Healthcare center of the future (2 minutes) 

Investing in the right technology is integral to the future of healthcare. All kinds of medical facilities, from dental clinics to hospitals, will need to undergo a digital transformation. Manual data entry and spread sheets simply cannot keep up with the exponential growth in the healthcare industry and the subsequent increasing complexity that accompanies supply chain management, lease management or financial consolidation. Watch this two-minute video and learn how to future proof your organization by adopting software solutions designed to not only handle your needs but grow with you as those needs change.

multi-entity financial consolidation

Booklet| Best practices for multi-entity financial consolidation  

 Whether you run a family company with a couple of branches or a global conglomerate, you will have to deal with financial consolidation. Without a framework in place, companies can struggle to scale and instead get bogged down in obsolete processes as they try to align their financial statements across multiple entities. This booklet will help you tackle six of the most common challenges companies face with consolidating their finances.

administrative challenges in healthcare

Administrative challenges facing healthcare 

It’s estimated that the global healthcare budget will reach $15 trillion USD by 2030 and that administrative costs add up to 34% of total healthcare costs in the US. This rapid expansion is forcing healthcare providers to quickly adapt, or risk being left behind. This blog explores common administrative challenges facing healthcare and offers insight into the best practices for resolving some of the industry’s most pressing concerns. 

ERP requirements checklist

Video | How to build an ERP requirements checklist (3 minutes) 

Before you invest in an ERP system, it’s important to take a step back and focus on what your team really needs. Going over budget or not optimizing for ROI are unnecessary mistakes that can set you back. Learn how to create an ERP requirements checklist to help guide your decision-making process and avoid compromising on your business needs. This three-minute video will walk you through eight simple steps to ensure that you build a robust checklist. 

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