Guess What?  You Don’t Have to Upgrade Your ERP Until You’re Ready

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To support the success of your strategic initiatives, you depend on your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and other systems for daily operations. Keeping these systems current and operating as intended can be challenging. Due to continual advances in technology, the pressure to upgrade is never-ending—notably, the need to move to the cloud.

If you are at all involved with technology purchase decision making, you are probably besieged with advice to make the change to a cloud version of Dynamics.

As a long-time provider of applications that make up the Microsoft platform, including Dynamics 365 Finance, we agree.  A move to a more current, cloud-based platform can be hugely beneficial but can also be a source of frustration and angst, albeit temporary.

In addition, if your current system is a recent change, the idea of more money, time and resources spent into a new system is understandably frustrating.  You might also feel you are not ready for the cloud.

What to do in the interim? Get a Dynamics managed services provider for application management to keep systems running smoothly

It is important that your organization start devising a plan for a digital shift.   In the meantime, however, we are here to support you while you are still operating on older versions of Dynamics and other solutions.

Trying to keep up with the ever-unfolding Microsoft strategy or simply trying to keep the Microsoft systems you currently have working properly is quite the task.  You need that application management support from a Managed Services Provider (MSP) who has experienced people who are there for you when you need them.

Redistributing your Microsoft Technology Stack to an MSP can provide you peace of mind.  Look for a partner with success based on expertise in your applications and the platforms and systems that support and integrate with them.  To assist you in making the most of your system’s capabilities, these partners are also always looking for opportunities and best practices to put to work.

Here's why you should have an MSP for application management services:

  • Your IT spend will be a manageable and predictable monthly fee.
  • As technology advances, you won’t have to worry about finding talent to maintain your system.
  • You can eliminate the cost of specialized FTEs, which reduces overhead.
  • Experienced technology professionals maintain service levels, security, system performance, and monitoring while working together with you.
  • You get the support you need when you need it through help desks and after-hours emergency support.
  • You get a single point of contact for a smooth transfer and transition in addition to access to global, around the clock, first-tier support.
  • You get an experienced team for custom development and enhancements.
  • You have access to expert coaching to help educate and ensure user adoption.

And when you are ready…

At some point, your organization will be ready to digitally convert. Getting an MSP in place now will make the transition go smoother when the time comes because they will already be a part of your team, with an understanding of you and your business.

Schedule a complimentary Dynamics Application Management discovery call today.

During this call, we’ll want to know where you are at today with your application management and where you want to be with your application management.

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