A Simple Way to View Tables with a URL in Business Central

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View URL in Dynamics 365 Business CentralHere's a really great tip! One of our customers wanted to add the Vendor Order Number field to their Posted Invoices list. So, after some research, we found that it might involve connecting a different table. We initially thought a customization was necessary, but then we learned about a workaround – editing the URL to change the display of the data.

By using this technique, you can add all sorts of things to your URL – a page, a query, a report. It seems fairly technical, and you can reference Microsoft Doc’s detailed explanation here on editing URLs, but the main idea is simple:

While in Business Central, modify the URL at the top to see any table and it will display all fields from that specific table. In this case, the Posted Purchase Invoice header table is 122 so I just changed the path:


Notice the change at the end of the URL.

Now it will display the Vendor Order No. as the column and you are able to display a filter on any of the selected columns:

Obviously, in order for this to work, you need to know the table number that contains your data. However, that is as easy as making a cheat sheet for this type of situation.

This may seem a bit technical, so remember to reach out to us if you have a problem or concern. However, after you get the hang of it, it is a clever and efficient way to display and view almost anything in your system!

Now, for our visual learners out there, click here if you would like to watch a video of the URL editing process described in this article.

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