Why a WMS for SMB Distributors and Manufacturers is Game-Changing

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As a mid-market player, you have the challenge of competing with larger companies who have deeper pockets. How can you compete and grow in this scenario? The answer lies in technology. By optimizing your operations and gaining better control over your inventory with a WMS for SMBs, you can compete with the “big guys” and have the flexibility to grow as needed. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

Make Your Size an Advantage

Your need for inventory accuracy and production visibility is the same as larger companies. However, you can argue that smaller organizations have an even greater need for accuracy without the benefit of financial and material buffers that come with larger volume inventories.

You can’t afford to run your business by guessing. Implementing a WMS ideal for SMBs is essential to streamline and optimize your warehouse as good as or better than your competitors.

Being smaller can help you be more nimble. Production visibility and component-level tracking can work in your favor to offer even better response times for your customers. By being more responsive to your customers, you can:

  • grow customer acquisition and resulting revenues
  • improve customer retention rates
  • increase customer satisfaction scores

Smaller warehouses need optimal space utilization and a WMS can help with assigned location sequences based on available space. A WMS can also provide guidance based on customizable rules, tracking time-sensitive inventory across multiple locations. This feature is a must for mid-market players who can’t afford spoilage, loss or waste.

WMS Cost is Key for SMBs

Even if your WMS needs are similar to larger enterprises, you do require solutions that are simpler to implement, easier to use, and less costly. At the end of the day, you don’t have a large IT staff and budget to maintain multiple complex systems. This means that choosing the right WMS is paramount since you want maximum functionality with minimum cost.

If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP, our K.Motion Collect for GP solution is the one and only WMS that shares the GP database and can post live. We like to say it offers 80% of the WMS functionality at 50% of the costs. This includes ongoing maintenance as well as upfront costs. In other words, we are talking about total cost of ownership so there are no unwelcome surprises and fees down the road.

By leveraging your existing Microsoft Dynamics GP investment, we can integrate with and extend your environment with focused warehouse management capabilities. And by sharing the same database and posting live updates, your employees will gain new visibility into:

  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Shipping

Your staff enjoys improved data access and decision making all while using the same Dynamics GP interface they already know. That translates into less effort, training and support costs for you.

How do you take the next step?

With tight resources and relentless competitive pressure, you need a technology partner with a proven track record. At Körber Supply Chain, our advanced, proven solutions for the warehouse, transportation and logistics ecosystem will support your supply chain for the future. Contact us today to learn more. Your competition will be sorry that you did.


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