How to Solve your EDI Great Plains (Microsoft GP) Mapping Headaches

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EDI Great Plains integration is essential for running an efficient supply chain. But developing and updating EDI maps can be painful.

EDI maps translate your EDI data into a format that your Great Plains or other systems can ingest. Without an efficient way to handle EDI mapping, your company may be bogged down in unnecessary costs and delays.

Here are some common Great Plains EDI mapping challenges:

  • EDI map development takes time away from more strategic priorities
  • Technical expertise to develop and maintain EDI maps is costly and difficult to find
  • Trading partners change EDI maps with little or no notice, requiring immediate shifts in priorities
  • Sending EDI documents with mapping errors can lead to chargebacks and damaged trading relationships

Full-Service EDI Simplifies EDI Great Plains Integration

Forward-thinking businesses are freeing themselves from time-consuming EDI mapping tasks with full-service EDI. Full-service EDI providers take ownership of understanding EDI mapping requirements. They also make map changes and test maps on your behalf.

Because full-service EDI providers have close relationships with key retailers, they are notified early of upcoming mapping changes. They can make any necessary changes for you, allowing you to avoid costly and time-consuming errors before they affect your business.

Also, full-service EDI solutions rely on EDI maps that are used by thousands of other businesses. This means they are proven and reliable, reducing the risk of any issues.

SPS Commerce Fulfillment is a full-service EDI solution available with integration for Great Plains. Our solution allows you to:

  • Access pre-built connections to over 3,000 buying organizations. With SPS, you can achieve compliance with all trading partners through a single point of integration.
  • Eliminate the time and expense of managing unique EDI maps for every trading partner.
  • Rely on our full-service team to make map updates on your behalf. Our team makes 9,000 map changes each year!

Impact of Streamlined EDI Integration

For example, Peter Grimm is a 30-year-old hat company currently selling more than 1 million hats per year. By using SPS Fulfillment with ERP integration, Peter Grimm achieved a 372 percent return on investment, including:

  • Savings of $255,899 over 3 years by avoiding hiring extra staff to manage new retailer mappings and process documents
  • Savings of $346,886 over 3 years by avoiding temporary labor costs to manage retailer mapping changes

Want more information on Great Plains EDI?

If you want to avoid the hassle of managing EDI maps yourself, SPS can help. Visit our website for more information or contact our expert team.

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