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Tens of thousands of businesses worldwide with millions of users appreciate Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.  If your company uses Microsoft Dynamics GP, 365BC, NAV, AX,  or 365FO, it is essential that all the applications you choose properly sync with everything else.

If payroll processing is a critical aspect of your organization, you need to choose payroll processing software that works well with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

Efficient and effective payroll processing involves more than just printing checks. Your software should also identify errors, ensure compliance with tax codes, be flexible enough to let you change details when necessary, and give your employees power over their data. The right payroll processing software can save you time and money and simplify your payroll process.

But no payroll processing software will deliver on its promises if it doesn’t integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. So be sure that integration is at the top of the requirements list when you shop for an ideal payroll platform for your organization.

Ask yourself (and your team) what functionality your business requires, and then ask your potential payroll software provider whether they can provide those functions while also integrating with Dynamics.

Questions to ask your payroll team:

Do we want a solution that will merely cut checks, or should it also include time entry, benefits management, and other modules?

What functions will improve on our current payroll processes?

How many team members will use the solution, and where are they located?

Is our business changing and growing?

How important is it that we have step-by-step wizards or other tools to get tasks completed?


Questions to ask payroll software vendors:

Will your payroll software integrate seamlessly with our Microsoft Dynamics ERP system?

How easy is this software to install, and what is the learning curve?

Will information flow smoothly between modules?

Is this software flexible enough to be compatible with other ERPs if we change in the future?

What about your customer support? Who will answer our questions, when, and at what cost?

Will you provide a demo of the features we want?

How long has this software been on the market? Can you provide reviews from existing users?

What are your company dynamics? Are your employees certified, productive, and happy in their jobs?

If you’ve chosen Microsoft Dynamics ERP because you wanted the best for your business, you shouldn’t settle for payroll software that doesn’t meet your needs. Use an insourced payroll platform that integrates with your trusted ERP and can scale with your growing business.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our Greenshades team is certified in five core competencies: ERP, Application Development, DevOps, Cloud Platform, and Communications. Our payroll platform features all the modules you need to empower employees and meet all compliance requirements. If you change ERP solutions in the future, we’ve got you covered. To learn more, contact our experts at Greenshades to schedule a demo of our payroll solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Choose Greenshades payroll platform for accessibility reliability, simplicity, affordability, and support.

By Greenshades, www.greenshades.com


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