Guide to Payment Processing in Microsoft Dynamics ERP

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Small and mid-sized businesses have long relied on Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to manage their business processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can be the lynchpin for your entire operation and serve as the single source of truth.

With all your operations managed in a central system, you can automate processes and streamline reporting. And to get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, you'll also want to integrate payment processing.

Gone are the days of customers paying their bills by check. Invoicing has become electronic, and now it's time for payments to catch up. Most people want a way to make online payments for goods or services. To be truly efficient, your ERP system has to allow a way for them to do that. Can your software process, verify and accept or decline credit and debit card transactions? When you integrate a payment processing solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will automate manual processes, attain greater efficiency, reduce the risk of error, and enhance security. As a result, you'll benefit your customers and your organization.

What to look for in a payment processor

Do you know what features to look for when choosing a payment processor? If you are looking for a complete payment processing system, you'll want to consider these aspects:

Diverse payment methods - These days, there are numerous ways to make payments: credit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, ACH, etc. Therefore you need a payment processor that will accommodate these and other emerging payment methods as they become available.

Fraud management - You'll need a solution with advanced security tools that will proactively identify and prevent fraud. Zero chargeback liability is a legitimate goal for any business. EMV/CHIP cards are a must in a Point of Sale (POS) system. In addition, you'll want a tokenization system that gives you the highest level of security across all your sales channels. At the same time, you'll need to make provisions for uncomplicated in-store or online returns and exchanges.

Automated accounts receivable - You want to save time and paperwork and have your invoices paid promptly. An efficient, automated system that lets customers make online payments will save them time, reduce paperwork for you and them, and increase the speed of your receivables. In addition, customers prefer a "Click Here to Pay" button that makes the whole process simple for them.

Integration. A payment processing solution integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC system will allow transaction information from online payments to flow directly into your ERP/CRM and accounting systems. The increased efficiency will save your organization time and money and ensure that inventory and sales are in sync. In addition, a payment processor expressly built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will guarantee integration with whichever version of Microsoft Dynamics ERP your company uses.

PCI Compliance. Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance pertains to the technical and operational standards that companies must adopt to safeguard customers' personal and credit card data. Businesses that process, retain, or transmit credit card data are required to be PCI compliant. Therefore, working with a trusted payment processing provider that understands and prioritizes PCI compliance and has processes in place to ensure adherence is critical.

Lower Costs. Payment processors can charge different rates depending on the type of credit card used and the data collected during transactions. Choose a partner that will optimize interchange rates so you will not overpay.

Why choose Versapay ChargeLogic Payments for Microsoft

We understand our clients' unique payment processing needs. We work with Microsoft Dynamics and are continually innovating to offer affordable, custom payment processing solutions. Using Versapay's ChargeLogic solution, your business can accept and process traditional and alternative forms of payment anytime, anywhere. Versapay's ChargeLogic solution tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERP enables us to process the data necessary to give you the lowest possible rates for corporate credit cards and government purchasing cards. And our Click-to-Pay technology provides a fully-equipped, automated accounts receivable solution allowing customers to make payments easily by credit card or electronic check.

Versapay will be your trusted partner and work with you to reduce manual processes, lower costs, eliminate fraud, and increase your sales with our advanced and innovative payment solution for Microsoft Dynamics.

Contact Versapay today, and let's talk about how our tools can enhance your customers' paying experiences and benefit your business.

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