Review Top Add-On Tools from Cavallo SalesPad to Enhance Your Business

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Cavallo formerly SalesPad Desktop on Dynamics GP is the core engine that makes Cavallo great. That’s where it all starts, but there are additional add-on products that fill specific needs. While other products out there can offer the same functions, our clients often choose the Cavallo solutions because they like the idea of all of their software coming from the same shop. They feel automatically comforted that everything will work well together because it all comes from the same vendor, and they are right!

Add-On Tools from SalesPad

You can read about the functions of each of these tools on our Cavallo functionality web page.

Here are just a few benefits that stand out:

Cavallo SalesPad Desktop: In addition to being the core product, we like the fact that you have the ability/access to add C# scripting, leveraging custom SQL stored procedures, and unlimited user fields for additional data storage to create a truly customized performance based on the unique needs of your environment.

Automation Agent: The most commonly used functions of Automation Agent are workflow forwarding and document transfer (turning an order into an invoice). Leveraging the two together is a great way to automate the sales invoicing process. Including automatically printing and/or emailing customer invoices. When you pair that with Post Master (from Envisage Software Solutions) to automatically post the batches, all the users need to do is monitor for exceptions/failures. This is especially valuable in high-volume environments. With a well-designed workflow, AutoAgent can manage the majority allowing the staff to focus on the exceptions.

Data Collection: This mobile tool can also be used for things like purchase order received, cycle counts, inventory management (bin transfers, site transfers, and inventory adjustments), as well as sales order fulfillment. Barcoding your warehouse or paperwork makes this simple WMS solution very easy to use.

Email Add-In: This creates a connection between Cavallo SalesPad Desktop and Outlook to store Outlook emails in Cavallo as “Interactions” as well as sharing scheduled tasks created in Cavallo to your Outlook calendar. (Interactions are elevated notes, part of the light CRM functionality of Cavallo).

A few of the most popular integrations are:

  • Credit card processing with Nodus PayFabric and the new integration with Square.
  • UPS address validation.
  • Avalara for taxes.

Cavallo is an excellent product, but it’s only as good as the team that implements it.

You want to work with a team that takes the time to learn client processes and needs and then follows through on it from discovery to implementation to testing to go live and through all phases of business updates thereafter.

CAL Business Solutions has over 300 Microsoft Dynamics GP customers and has implemented Cavallo for more than 70 companies. This is probably more than any other Cavallo Partner.

Because we have this diverse and sizable market of Cavallo customers, we’ve seen many different situations and have been able to utilize Cavallo to extend the capabilities of Dynamics GP.

At CAL Business Solutions, we go beyond the core Cavallo product and help customers use all the add-on functionality. In fact, our dedicated Cavallo team includes development staff that works hard to push the functional limitations and design creative solutions for a wide range of business requirements.

If you use Cavallo and are looking for help to extend the functionality, contact our team at CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910 x4 or

By Katelyn Wood, Dynamics GP Consultant/Application Support, CAL Business Solutions,

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