Protect Your Business from Data Loss with Microsoft’s Data Loss Prevention Software

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Your ERP system is the crown jewel for cyber-criminals. Once they’ve infiltrated your system, these criminals can easily access the rest of your network, exploiting data, stealing information, and damaging business processes.  


To safeguard your ERP system from these relentless criminals, data loss prevention (DLP) must be built-in to every layer. With Microsoft 365, you’ll have access to a number of DLP tools that create a strong perimeter around data, ensuring that only the right people are accessing and viewing information.  


In this article, we’ll review Microsoft’s DLP tools and capabilities, paying specific attention to the solution’s sensitivity labels, and how JourneyTEAM keeps your data protected no matter where it’s stored. 


DLP Provides Total Data Protection 

Data loss prevention (DLP) software is what IT teams use to prevent users from sending private or sensitive data outside the safety of a business network. Within DLP software, administrators create rules and policies that classify and protect business data so unauthorized users can not maliciously or accidentally share information that can be harmful to the business.  


Here’s a better way to think of DLP: imagine you’ve just brought home a new puppy. As its owner, you have the responsibility to train it. You have to teach it not to chew up carpet, jump up on the sofa, or wiggle through the fence surrounding your yard. Your job is to ensure it stays protected from outside dangers. 


Data is like a new puppy—moving freely throughout your organization. DLP is like the fence; it’s what keeps data within the safety of your corporate network and prevents unautorhized users from accessing or stealing it. 

Data never stops moving—neither does DLP software. It’s continuously searching through data within SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and other business applications and platforms for any threats to your data. Should one occur, the software acts immediately, alerting both IT leaders and users to the threat via clear, detailed feedback. 


For example, if a user creates an email that contains private company or customer information and attempts to send it outside the network, the DLP software would be alerted, stop the email, and inform the sender that the recipient is restricted from viewing information and the email will not be sent. Using this feedback, users are more informed about company DLP policies, helping them be more dilligent in protecting company data.  


Sensitivity Labels Add Extra Security to Confidential Data 

Not all data requires the same amount of security. For example, a spreadsheet containing information about revenue growth during a specific quarter requires tighter security than a document containing office gym hours. With Microsoft’s security sensitivity labels, you’re able to customize the amount of security for every piece of content within your system. 



Sensitivity labels are stored within the metadata of specific content or data. As data moves throughout your organization, the label travels with it, ensuring no unauthorized users can view, edit, or send private or confidential data.  


If we return again to the new puppy scenario, sensitivity labels represent the leash used to keep your new puppy close. When you’re taking it out for a walk and another dog approaches, you may need to shorten the leash. If you’re walking alone and no one is nearby, you can lengthen the leash. Depending on the type of content, there is some data you want on a tighter leash, figuratively speaking, while others can roam more freely as there’s less of a risk of sensitive data being accessed. 


Create the Right DLP Strategy for Your Business by Contacting JourneyTEAM 

Data is always moving, always growing. With this rapid growth and constant movement comes the increased risk of a security breach. Only by creating ‘fences’ and ‘leashes’ for company data can you prevent unwarranted users from accessing, viewing, or stealing private data and avoid potentially catastrophic consequences.  


To create a well-thought out and powerful DLP strategy, contact JourneyTEAM. As a Microsoft Gold Parnter, we customize Microsoft’s DLP software and sensitivity labels to meet the unique security requirements of your business. Take the first step to stronger data security by contacting a JourneyTEAM representative today. 



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