Wondering about Moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365BC?

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Microsoft Dynamics GP has been at the top of its game for over 30 years and has gained many loyal followers. During that time, Microsoft has invested significant R&D dollars into supporting the solution. That is scheduled to change. Microsoft will continue to  support GP for a while longer, but clearly, they intend to focus their efforts on Microsoft Dynamics 365BC (Business Central.) Business owners using Dynamics GP are wondering about moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365BC.

There is good reason to consider moving to Dynamics 365BC even if Dynamics GP has served you well. Cloud-based ERP offers some definite advantages. Mobile and remote access has become more and more important as business models change. And Microsoft is clearly setting Dynamics 365BC as its preferred platform for ERP business processes.

Here are some things to consider if you're contemplating a move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft's conversion tool

The easiest way to make the move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365BC is to use Microsoft's free tool. The tool will migrate customer files, vendors, and items, and it will convert transactional data, preserving archival activity. Although Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365BC approach charts of accounts differently, your data can be transferred. It's not pushbutton easy, but the tool does make it easier to convert.

Export then import data

Another way to approach conversion is exporting data from Dynamics GP via SmartLists to Excel, and then importing it from there to Dynamics 365BC. This route requires more effort but has the advantage of allowing you to clean your data before entering it into the new system. This approach allows for chart of account restructuring and mapping. Your Microsoft partner can do all this for you, or at Logan Consulting, we've helped some of our customers with Configuration Package templates. We can train you to export and import the data yourselves.

Review your processes

It's one thing to convert your data, and that is a job in itself. But when you move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will also have to reconsider your processes.

While both Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365BC are Microsoft solutions,  they are very different systems. Certain aspects such as customer or vendor setups may look familiar,  but others will not. For example, Dynamics GP has a segmented chart of accounts; Dynamics 365BC has the flexibility of dimensions. Dimensions allow you to capture more data in the chart of accounts.

Our clients who have migrated from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central have discovered that a process review has helped them clean up any of their processes that no longer adhere to best practices.

If you are wondering whether to migrate to Dynamics 365BC or stay with Dynamics GP, our experts at Logan Consulting will help you understand the issues,  processes, and functionality involved as well as pricing and the best way to approach a potential move. Contact our Microsoft team at Logan Consulting.

By Logan Consulting, www.loganconsulting.com


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