Video: Getting Started with Barcode Scanners in Business Central

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If you’re using Business Central, there is a high chance that you need to manage some inventory. Maybe you operate a retail business, a small stock room, or a warehouse of some size. If you’re not using barcode scanners (aka mobile computers or mobile devices), you’re likely dealing with a paper-based system.

We take a close look at the very affordable and effective Datalogic Memor K mobile computer in the following video. We also briefly look at the free WMS Express app from Insight Works built for Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud.

Combine the hardware from Datalogic with the free WMS Express app from Insight Works, and you transition from a paper-based system to a mobile platform that significantly increases efficiency and reduces errors.

Check out the following short video to see what it is all about:

WMS Express:
Purchase Memor K with WMS Express Installed:

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