Time to put SmartFill in the spotlight with 6 new features

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When you add new features to your product you just want to shout it from the rooftops.  Especially when one of your #1 products has 6 new features.

Let's start off by saying, if you spend way too much time clicking on the magnifying glass in Dynamics GP, then you need this. Because, we are all about saving you time and making simple tasks like looking up Accounts, Customers, Vendors, and Employees quick and painless.

No more coming up with the magical combination of words, numbers, or phrases to find it. With SmartFill simply type what you know into the search bar and in less time than it takes to grab a sip of coffee you’ll have all your matches listed right in front of you.

If you already have SmartFill, that's awesome!

There are 2 ways you can access the what's new document:

  1. From the blue SmartFill shortcut, click What’s New in SmartFill.
  2. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Help | Rockton Software Support and click the What’s New button.

What's New with SmartFill Doc

Feature #1  – Open from Additional Menu

You can quickly open the Make a Selection window from a window where you have SmartFill lookups assigned without having to type anything in the field. For example, if you have assigned a SmartFill Object to the Customer ID in the Customer Maintenance window, put your cursor in the field and click Additional | Open SmartFill lookup. The Make a Selection window opens with all records tied to that field.

Open from additional menu feature

Feature #2 – Make a Selection Hotkey

You may now open the Make a Selection window using a hotkey. Assign the hotkey from the SmartFill Options window. To access the window, click the SmartFill shortcut, and then click Objects. In the SmartFill Objects window, click Actions | Options.

In the ‘Open SmartFill Lookup hotkey’ field, assign the hotkey you wish to use. By default, S is set as the hotkey. This key, in conjunction with the Ctrl key, opens the Make a Selection window from any field where a SmartFill lookup has been defined.

Make A Selection Hotkey gif

Feature #3 – Search by Column

Using SmartFill to find a record is already easy, but now it’s even easier. Previously, when you searched in a field, the Make a Selection window opened, and you could enter a Subset Search to help further define your results if too many were returned. You can still do that, but now you may also select a specific column to search to help narrow down those results.

Search by column gif

The last 3 features all have to do with the make a selection window

#4 – Edit Object from Make a Selection

You may now easily open the SmartFill Object Maintenance Details window from the Make a Selection window. This makes editing the object so much easier. When you invoke SmartFill and the Make a Selection window opens, click the new Edit Object button. Of course, this is only true if you have security access to the SmartFill Objects window. If you don’t have access to the window, the Edit button does not appear in the window.

Edit Make a Selection Window gif

Feature #5 – Export Make a Selection

SmartFill is flexible and allows you to pull helpful information into the Make a Selection window.

For example, you might see Sales Order Processing transactions for a specific Customer in a specific date range. Using the Export button in the Make a Selection window, you may export the values returned and send it to an Excel or CSV file.

Export Make a Selection gif

Feature #6 – Resize Make a Selection Window

When you open the Make a Selection window, you may re-size the window to fit your needs. The next time you open that window, it will remember the size you last used. It is user-specific, so it won’t affect the way other users see their window.

Resize Make a Selection Window gif

Next Steps:

  • Ready to give SmartFill a try for free for 30 days?
  • Already a customer, go check out the new features and let us know what you think

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