How to Select the Best B2B eCommerce Solution Provider

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B2B eCommerce business is currently a boom in the market; its online sales are estimated to reach 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars. According to a survey conducted in March 2020 of B2B decision-makers worldwide, 11% of manufacturers and 10% of distributors stated that they generated 81% to 100% of their revenues through B2B e-commerce.

The critical business processes of B2B are running with ease similar to B2C. Many young B2B merchants are in continuous search of answers to achieve the desired success.  The answer, it starts with your decision to move online and the second most important one is by choosing the right B2B eCommerce solution provider. 

This blog will help you pick the right vendor without any regrets. Let's begin,

Which eCommerce solution provider's solution is a good match 

Even before looking for a good eCommerce solution provider, selecting the right eCommerce platform for your store should be the first step. Imagine the loss of time, if you start finding the solution provider, spend time and energy, and later realize that the vendor does not offer the right solution match you require for your business. 

At the same time, there are occasions where merchants are confused and do not have clear visibility as to which solution is the right one to choose. In such cases, consulting a reputed eCommerce solution provider turns out to be helpful enough. 

Selecting the right eCommerce solution must include the below:

  • Essential B2B features
  • Technical capabilities like hosting, security compliance and IT certifications, etc
  • Functional capabilities such as attractive web store design, development and features, good customer service, marketing and automated promotional features. 
  • Easy back-end management and self-serving admin functionalities. 

Feasible for integrations

The next most crucial aspect is to choose an eCommerce platform and its provider suitable for integrations. One of the most important things in running a successful eCommerce business is to have synced systems integrated together. It avoids inefficacies created due to siloed systems. 

Therefore, selecting an eCommerce solution provider who also offers integrations between systems is always a better choice. This will save your time and efforts in looking for a third party for integrations which takes your valuable time in managing multiple vendors. 

An important clue to avoid managing multiple vendors is to make the ERP system at the center of your B2B eCommerce business. (Next point will help you understand it better)

Omnichannel ERP Integrated solution partner

While selecting a B2B eCommerce solution partner, select the vendor with an omnichannel ERP integrated solution. If your eCommerce business is ERP-centric, the decision of choosing an integrated solution partner is very crucial.

 An omni-channel ERP integrated eCommerce solution like Ecommerce Growth Engine (EGE) comes with all built-in features, add-ons, and customized eCommerce platform developments at low cost. This way, you automatically get all the data, functionalities, etc stored in your ERP synced to your eStore. It eliminates all the pain disconnected systems cause, provides better productivity and efficiency, and eases the overall management process. 

Time taken to get on the floor

When selecting an eCommerce solution provider, it is equally important to look for a vendor who can get your store online quickly. Not only speedily but also within the stipulated timeline. 

Any eCommerce solution provider can take time depending upon:

  • Dedicated team for your project, most of the time you might also have shared resources that depends on the size and efforts/ requirements your eStore
  • No matter what size or how in-depth your project is, ensure the solution provider sticks to the timeline mutually decided. This also depends on the provider's experience in handling multiple projects and experienced staff, etc. 
  • How long your eStore takes to get on the floor also depends on your requirements. If you have multiple customizations and unique requirements, then it will definitely take time for any provider. 

Ensure the time taken by the provider fits in your plan as any kind of delay would have adverse effects on your post-launch marketing and promotional activities. 

Level of experience

Partnering with a well-experienced eCommerce solution provider is always a plus. Make sure the provider has enough experience in the B2B industry. B2C eCommerce solution providers are found easily in the market, but getting the right solution provider with excellent B2B skills needs work. 

The level of experience counts for not only industry specifics but also various domains. Make sure the provider you select has enough knowledge in the industry you deal with. 

Support: the most crucial point to consider

Many merchants suffer the most after their store is live. They often fail to make sure if the provider offers enough after-sales support or not. A quick check on after-sales support is as important as selecting the right eCommerce solution provider. 

Ensure you have answers to the below questions:

  • What timeframe is the provider ready to support you?
  • Is the provider offering enough training to your staff or educating them on the new system and features?
  • What is the turn-around time for your queries?
  • Is there a 24/7 support facility? Are they actively available in your time zone?

The vendor's support service must be a crucial point in your selection process. 


Allow us to be your step-by-step guide in the process of selecting the right B2B eCommerce solution provider. Book a call with our B2B eCommerce expert now

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