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Manage and Track Documents with a Paperless Solution: MetaDocs

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    Manage and Track Documents with a Paperless Solution: MetaDocs


    Keeping records is an important part of business, companies can store, PO's, invoices, shipping documents, quality documents, agreements, and more. Managing and sharing them, especially among employees working remotely, can be a time-consuming process involving lots of paper. Paper-based records also are cumbersome to back up, making them more prone to lose in fires or floods.

    MetaDocs is a complete Document Management Solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, as a paperless solution it enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint, easily share files, and save time in document retrieval. Staff time can allocate to more productive tasks, like improving customer service and accelerating order turnaround. In cases where files are already primarily stores digitally, MetaDocs can minimize the need for specialized file-sharing infrastructure. Since file-sharing can be done within Dynamics 365 Business Central. Making that change means less information technology maintenance required and less space needed for digital assets, which positively impacts the bottom line.

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