How to fix the problems in your healthcare supply chain    

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Many of the issues in today's healthcare supply chains come down to human error, obsolete processes, and poorly managed stock. In this video, we explore seven simple steps to help identify and fix these issues.

Seven steps to fix the problems in your healthcare supply chain

Step 1: make a list

Create a comprehensive list of all your inventory issues by gathering information from across your supply chain. No one person will have all the answers.

Step 2: categorize

Categorize the list so you can better understand where the bulk of the problems lie.

Step 3: investigate

Don’t make assumptions. Investigate any issues that have unclear origins. Follow the supply chain to properly identify why they are occurring.

Step 4: prioritize

Prioritize what needs to be dealt with first. Not all issues are created equal and there will be some that demand more immediate attention.

Step 5: track frequency

Track the issues to get a clearer measure of how frequently they occur. What may seem urgent may not occur frequently enough for it to be a priority.

Step 6: tidy up existing inventory

Tidy up the existing inventory and stock records based on your findings.

Step 7: automate

Implement a longer-term solution by introducing automation to your supply chain. Not only will a dedicated healthcare management solution solve data inconsistencies, but it will help you forecast the usage of stock, request material promptly, and enable users to scan and use items immediately.

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