3 Pro Tips To Help Employees Embrace Change During a Dynamics GP Implementation

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19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP ImplementationERP implementation requires commitment. From the CEO to each department employee, everyone has to be fully on board for the project to succeed.

However, getting future users to embrace the change to a new ERP system can be easier said than done. How can you get your employees to embrace the change?

Ask the Experts

The team here at CAL Business Solutions has been helping companies, and users, love their ERP solutions for over 35 years. Along the way, we’ve picked up some valuable insights into helping employees embrace the switch.

Katelyn Wood, a member of the Microsoft Dynamics GP/SalesPad implementation and support team at CAL Business Solutions, recently shared her expert insights on getting users committed.

1) Give Employees One-on-One Training

Each employee will react differently to the project. Some may simply be resistant to change, while others may feel threatened by the new system, thinking that it’s going to automate them out of a job.

To ease tension and help everyone adjust, provide training on an individual basis. Group training sessions are valuable and should be utilized, but don’t forget to give one-on-one support as well.

“I like to ask the user to open their old system and the new system, side by side. When they show me something they do in their old system, I show them how to do it in the new ERP system. It helps them learn to translate between the two. Seeing the similarities between the products makes the differences less overwhelming.”

2) Address Individual Concerns

Be on the lookout for employees that especially seem to be dragging their feet, and give them extra attention. When employees feel like the management team is interested in their personal concerns, they will be more willing to give their support to the project.

“I ask my clients to “tell me what hurts”, like the doctor would. In other words, I want to know what is annoying, painful, time-consuming. If I can clear those pain points, I’ve immediately got the user on my side and excited about the new software or process.”

3) Identify the Rock Star

For an extra push to get your employees excited for the change, find an enthusiastic point person. This person needs to be someone that will give 110% to the project. Their determination can motivate other employees. And when challenges arise, employees will feel comfortable knowing they can go to them for help and advice.

“This person needs to become a rock star. They’re the one who will be most involved with the implementation. They should be incredibly knowledgeable about current practices. And they need to have the fire and drive to want and get the job done!”

Implementing a modern ERP system is a major step towards business growth. Instead of going at it alone, take advice from those who have done an ERP Implementation before. Their pro tips can help you spearhead user adoption as you take your company to the next level.

To hear more from the experts and learn tips that you can put into practice today, download the full white paper “19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP User Adoption” at www.calszone.com/19brilliant.

Would you like an experienced ERP Implementation Partner by your side every step of the way? Or are you ready to evaluate Microsoft Dynamics GP or Acumatica? Contact CAL Business Solutions at [email protected] or 860-485-0910x4.

By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com

19 Brilliant Ways to Promote ERP User Adoption

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