2020 Dynamics SL Year-end Close Guide

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Finance and accounting professionals have a lot on their plates right now. The end of the year came with a lot of hectic tasks and work to do. Included in that is closing your books. To help, we have provided a short and easy guide for you, it makes the closing process easy for first timers as well as experienced accountants. Our 2020 Dynamics SL year-end close guide answers many questions users often ask about the year-end closing process. Don’t have time to read the whole guide? No problem. Just click on the section that interests you to jump right to it.


Our 2020 Dynamics SL Year-End Close Guide Includes:

  • What the updates include
  • Who can use the year-end updates
  • Where to find the updates
  • When the updates should be applied
  • Options for Dynamics SL 2011 & 2015 users


These updates are important for all Dynamics SL users. Everything from our guide may not apply to you, however there’s something in it for everyone.


Want more?


If you need more information or help with your 2020 Dynamics SL year-end close, your partner is a great resource. If you are an Intelligent Technologies Inc. client and have questions about the year-end close procedures, we’re happy to help, give us a phone call at (336) 315-3935 or send us an email. If you currently don’t have a partner, or are unhappy with your current one, contact us today to learn about becoming a client. Not ready to talk sales? Visit this webpage to explore the Dynamics SL services we offer.

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