Let Your Data Tell a Story: ERP With Power BI


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the best ERP software suites available for your business. With applications such as Microsoft Power BI integrated into this package, your business operations can be automated at a scale previously unimaginable. Power BI allows your data to speak for its self! A feature offered by no other software, Power BI can connect with your Microsoft corporate data directly and show stunning visualizations that let your data tell a story!


Read more to see what tips and tricks JourneyTEAM suggests so that you can create the most effective data visualizations for your business.

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Visualizing Data with Power BI

Over 70% of our mental faculty is focused on visual processing. However, a majority of our visual memory is the iconic memory: Frames that we see and instantly forget.


To make the most out of your data visualizations, it’s important to ensure your data visualizations don’t remain a blip of memory, but that they become engrained in long-term memory. You want something that creates a greater impact on your audience.


Avoid distractions such as:

  • Excessive color variation & many bright colors
  • Unreasonably large borders
  • Lack of highlighting and CTA
  • Gridlines
  • Numbers with too many digits


Focus on techniques that facilitate the conversion of data to long-term memory. This begins by having a clear, lucrative call to action in the storytelling. Using textual and audio clues alongside the visualization also does the trick by engaging senses other than vision. Always make sure to maintain color consistency and highlight key metrics. This allows the brain to remember what matters the most, easily engaging an audience’s long-term memory!

Good Storytelling: The Key Principles

The most powerful presentations convey meaning and inspire change. But how can storytelling maximize the impact of your data visualization in your ERP? The following principles are bound to generate results.

  • Quick and Simple: Complex data explained in simple words and quickly!
  • Deliver Change: Clearly show what change is required with your data.
  • Make an Impact: Create unique and unforgettable visualizations to create maximum impact on the audience.

ERP With Data Storytelling

There are four fundamental elements of storytelling that will boost your ERP: contextualization, planning, audience, and explorations.


1. Contextualize

Contextualization is important as it sets the stage for the audience. It allows them to know what they’re viewing and how it’s important. The most effective ways to contextualize with Power BI include:

  • Explicit headings and titles
  • Short, effective labels
  • Highlighting critical data
  • Effectively organized dashboard

2. Story Plan

It’s a good idea to plan the story beforehand using storyboards. Know what goes on each board, create multiple pages, and focus on the important stories! The better the plan, the better the story.

3. Target Audience

To make storytelling effective, it must connect with the audience. You must know who the audience is, what information is important to them, and then tailor the dashboard and other visualizations to what suits the audience the best.

4. Room for Surprises

Everyone loves a surprise! Create excitement in your audience so they explore your website. Use filters and drill-throughs to allow the audience to find what they need, and go deeper in metrics that they found inspiring!


Dashboard Tips

A perfect dashboard will make information clearer and effectively deliver an impact on the audience.

  • Make sure the important information is accented and the most critical data is on the top-left.
  • Personalize the dashboard for your audience.
  • Have drill-throughs on your dashboards to maximize engagement.
  • Let your data tell the full story on one screen. Show a little bit of everything that matters on the dashboard, then use drill-throughs to lead users into reports!


If you’re looking for excellent ERP software implementation and data visualizations for your company, look no further! Contact JourneyTEAM through our website or telephone: 800.439.6456 to bring digital transformation to your business with ease!


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