Bring Your Microsoft ERP to New Levels with Azure & Power BI Updates

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It’s simple. Using the right tools leads to increased revenue. The newest Azure Cloud security and Power BI data organization will innovate your company’s ERP systems. These updates will not only lead to the satisfaction of your valued customers, but give you leverage you need in this data-driven world. With the safer data storage, and smarter and faster analysis platforms Microsoft is providing, your company can save what’s valuable: time, energy, and money. 

  Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization. As a Golden Partner to Microsoft, JourneyTEAM cares, and wants the same for you. Allow us to introduce Azure Synapse Analytics and the Next Generation Power BI Premium!   Power BI Microsoft JourneyTEAM Empower

What You Need to Know About Power BI

Do you have a platform that helps you gain deeper data insight? That’s what Power BI is for. It’s innovative, user-friendly, and scalable. Analyzing data has become more of an experience. Power BI turns your data into visual charts, dashboards, and reports. You can get creative, and personalize your reports with your KPIs and brand. We know that presentation is key. That’s why you need Power BI to help you connect to, model, and create unforgettable presentations.  

Perks of Premium

How can your organization best leverage Power BI? Want to know what’s in it for you? Say hello to complete access to all features of Power BI. Premium includes advanced AI and pixel-perfect paginated reporting capabilities. You also get free licensing and distribution for on-premise usage! The improved architecture of Power BI Premium Gen 2 provides you with the following benefits.  

What You Need to Know About Azure

Now, let’s talk about Azure. Azure is the most popular cloud computing service Microsoft has. When you have Azure, you have access to a massive directory of various services. This includes but is not limited to databases, virtual machines, file storage, backups, and services for web and mobile apps.   Azure Synapse Analytics Microsoft JourneyTEAM

Introducing Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse Analytics is Microsoft’s modern, cloud based data warehouse. This developmental environment was designed so that you could build, deploy and run hybrid and edge computing apps. These apps can be run consistently across your IT ecosystem. Synapse is also flexible when handling diverse workloads. If you aren’t sold yet, Synapse Analytics offers even more:  
  • New and Improved Performance - It’s limitless and fun! Synapse beautifully merges enterprise big data analytics and data warehousing. You can use either provisioned or serverless resources.You can learn, prep, manage, and serve data for immediate BI and machine learning needs. This update’s incredible capacity let’s you query data on your terms.
  • Peace in Protection - Azure Synapse Analytics is a software that can be trusted. Based upon their experience with the product, Azure users know they can expect sound protection. The safety of the service is unmatched when it comes to data governance, compliance, and security. Take comfort in knowing your most valuable business data is protected by the most advanced privacy and security features available. 
  • Incredible Cost Efficiency - Let’s talk money. Analytics in Azure produces a significant 271-percent ROI, which means it is up to 14 times faster and 94 percent cheaper. Looking for transformative insights? Work with the price performance undisputed leader. Azure Synapse will save you big time.

A Power Couple

Believe it or not, it gets even better, because Azure analytics and Power BI can work together. The implementation of these two updates amount to an unparalleled combination. Be proactive and productive and reap the benefits of both! Get the optimal performance, increased capabilities, and invaluable cost-management, and amplify the reward. You can extract maximum data and technology value for your organization when you use Azure Synapse and Premium Gen 2.    Power BI Premium Gen 2 with Azure Microsoft JourneyTEAM

How Do They Work Together?

The process goes like this: Synapse first, identifies materialized views from collected query patterns. Then, Premium Gen 2 creates those materialized views. Next, the Power BI queries are directed. The solutions for BI and reporting, advanced analytics, and real-time analytics are easily, yet securely accessible. We can guarantee that everyone in your organization will like what they see in the stunning visualizations generated by the team effort of Azure Synapse Analytics and Power Bi Premium Gen 2. A duo that really does accelerate performance.   

JourneyTEAM Can Help You

Are you ready to implement and improve your ERP with Azure and Power BI? If you’re interested in saving on IT costs, or wanting to project your data and/or move to the cloud, JourneyTEAM is here! We will help you make these services work for you. Contact us today to get started.   Click HERE to see the full article    JourneyTEAM was recently awarded Microsoft US Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Media & Communications) and the Microsoft Eagle Crystal trophy as a top 5 partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central software implementations. Our team has a proven track record with successful Microsoft technology implementations and wants you to get the most out of your organization’s intranet system. Consolidating your communication, collaboration, and productivity platform with Microsoft will save time and money for your organization. Contact JourneyTEAM today!    
Dave Bollard | Chief Marketing OfficerArticle by: Dave Bollard - Head of Marketing | 801-436-6636 JourneyTEAM is an award-winning consulting firm with proven technology and measurable results. They take Microsoft products; Dynamics 365, SharePoint intranet, Office 365, Azure, CRM, GP, NAV, SL, AX, and modify them to work for you. The team has expert level, Microsoft Gold certified consultants that dive deep into the dynamics of your organization and solve complex issues. They have solutions for sales, marketing, productivity, collaboration, analytics, accounting, security and more.

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