No more excuses! Get all your timesheets on time with TEDI Time and Expense

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Professional services firms need all their timesheets on time to bill clients quickly and keep consistent cash flows. But no one likes filling out their timesheets, and remote work complicates things. To get your timesheets on time, you need to make the process as easy as possible for your users. Look for a timesheet and expense report application that integrates to Microsoft Dynamics solutions, like TEDI Time and Expense, to get all the features you need.

Get all your timesheets on time with TEDI:

Let users fill out their timesheet from anywhere

Look for a mobile or web-based timesheet application. This way, users don’t have any excuses not to fill out their timesheets on time. They can do it whenever they have a moment, whether it’s from home or on the road.

Complete the majority of the information for them

Make it easy for employees to fill out the information. Recurrences, favorites, and pre-populated lines facilitate the process so that users don’t have to look for the information themselves. If the project lines are already available in the timesheet, the users simply have to fill out their time.

Choose an application that also includes expense reports

Having to use only one application for both time and expenses also facilitates the process for employees. They can easily add their expenses as they enter their time for the week without having to switch between two applications. In turn, this lets you bill clients faster without having to wait for expense reports and receipts.

Look for customizable alerts and notifications

Automated alerts and notifications can be used to remind employees to submit their timesheets on time. Alerts can be personalized and sent based on your specific criteria and rules. This simple feature drastically reduces the time required to gather everyone’s timesheets and expense reports.

Add time without having to know all the administrative details behind it

Was this billable or not billable? At what rate do we need to charge this back to the client? Take all this guesswork out with a timesheet integrated to your financials and billing module. All contract details stay with the administrative team, and the employee only has to enter their time.

The ultimate goal?

Find a timesheet application that gives users to fill out their timesheets on time. By making the process as easy as possible, you can gather your firm’s timesheets quickly even as a lot of people now work remotely. In turn, you can bill your clients in a timely manner and provide any documentation necessary. For professional services firms, these features will make a world of difference to ensure consistent cash flows. For more information, read our article What Makes a Good Timesheet for Professional Services Firms? to find out more.

By JOVACO Solutions, specialist in Dynamics 365 time and expense solutions

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