Microsoft Dynamics 365 Industry Experts Provide Insights in PartnerTalks Podcast by Rick McCutcheon

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PartnerTalksRick McCutcheon is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 MVP and has been working with the CRM industry for over 20 years. He has spent the largest part of his career helping Microsoft Partners improve their business results. Recently, he took to social media, joining his expertise with some of these partners to produce an informative, interview-style podcast called PartnerTalks.

PartnerTalks Purpose

PartnerTalks is designed to give listeners insight into the strategy and secrets behind some of Microsoft and its Partners’ leading minds. Each interview lasts about 10 minutes and is focused on how these professionals lead their practice and the ways they are utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Who Appears on PartnerTalks & What do They Discuss?

Rick invites fellow colleagues in the Microsoft space plus SI (systems integration) partners and ISVs (independent software vendor) to join him on PartnerTalks. In each session, Rick asks several questions to gain insight into how these companies are meeting challenges and what they are finding helpful in today’s business world.

Here are links to interviews with companies that members of the ERP Software Blog and CRM software blogs:

Binary Stream | PartnerTalks | Lak Chahal (The most popular interview so far!)

  • About strategies that resulted in 20 years of sustained ISV growth
  • About migrating from Microsoft Great Plains to Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • About scalability and compliance within subscription management

emfluence | PartnerTalks | Natalie Jackson

  • The resources available to Channel marketers through the D365UG Marketing Alliance
  • A preview of Natalie’s “Seven Marketing Campaigns You Must Run Now”
  • The importance of sales and marketing alignment, and data integration

Enavate | PartnerTalks | Thomas Ajspur

  • The human impact of CRM solutions
  • Making business personal
  • Technology bundling strategies

IPM | PartnerTalks | Miree Le Roy

  • Building an application in Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • The types of companies with which IPM works
  • The importance of flexibility in engineering and construction management software
  • Building a platform with device diversity in mind

NMB Solutions | PartnerTalks | Chris Morgan

  • How a small business can offer value to global enterprises
  • How to get noticed by Microsoft
  • How NMB Solutions leveraged user group communities

Each session of PartnerTalks adds a different perspective to how successful businesses are increasing efficiency, and the various ways they see value with Microsoft Dynamics 365. To gain valuable insights that will help you improve your business, access PartnerTalks on YouTube, or

Want to learn more about how Rick got started with the podcast? Listen to his interview on the Enterprise Software Podcast Episode 122.

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