How to Select the Right ISV Solution

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Software implementations frequently fail. According to survey results posted at, roughly 60% of professionals experience a failed software implementation.

The biggest contributing factor? MISSED REQUIREMENTS.

Businesses need things done that flat-out aren’t supported and can’t be worked through using the solution that has been likely heavily invested into by the point that these missed requirements are uncovered.

Let’s cover the “Bottom-Up” approach to selecting software that focuses on YOUR requirements and ensures you get your software selection right.

The “Bottom-Up” Approach to Finding Software

Organizations make the mistake of hopping into their software search too soon & before fully knowing what it is that they need.  They might understand their project at a high-level but when it comes to the details, they haven’t made it that level yet  (because it does take time to get to that point).

When you make the organizational decision that you need a new software solution to support your business, what do you really know best?

  • It’s not the software market
  • It’s not knowing which of the dozens of potential solutions will fit you best.

No. You know your business and you know deep down what your specific requirements are so let’s start there…

How to Assemble Your Requirements Before Searching & Demoing Software

A free & easy-to-assemble requirements template can be downloaded for free HERE.

Simple Requirements

  • Lay-out the gaps & challenges that are happening with your current solution
    • What’s leading you to look for a new solution
  • Lay-out your wish list items
    • In your perfect utopia, what features would you like to see in your new solution?

The Requirements That Take a Little Work

  • Speak with would-be system owners & heavy-users to understand their current processes and challenges.
    • Spending time now w/ your system owners & heavy-users will ensure you’re receiving all necessary perspectives as well as helps develop “ownership” & “buy-in” on the new solution from the get-go.

*For a great free resource to document business processes, we’d highly recommend

The Often Forgotten Requirements

  • Outline what your current solution does well & what your business relies on
    • Never assume that what you’re accomplishing in your current solution will be a “given” in future solutions
  • Denote requirement “importance”
    • What is absolutely required for the new solution to work? What are the things that would make life easier but not required items? What are the reasonable requests but not necessarily something you foresee being implemented on day 1?


Your Requirements Are Ready. Now What?

GIVE YOUR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS TO SOFTWARE VENDORS.  Sales teams will become wide-eyed for a few reasons here:

  1. That you’re reaching out
  2. Knowing that your business is already well ahead of the curve by fully understanding what it is that you actually need.
  3. That they won’t have as many opportunities to TELL YOU what you need

Based on your requirements, they’ll either be able to make an informed determination that their solution is not what you’re looking for or they’ll begin preparing their discussion on how they meet EACH REQUIREMENT.

THINK ABOUT THAT.  Instead of preparing some bloated presentation and sales pitch, their team is spending time focusing specifically on what you need and providing answers on if/how their solution is a fit.

Your Requirements --> Their Response

Bottom-Up Approach v Traditional Approach Takeaways

What do you think about the bottom-up approach to finding software? Let us know below!

**An alternate approach to sending requirements to vendors**

Does gathering your requirements in detail & then sending-->receiving responses from vendors seem like an arduous task? Well... It kind of is but it's time well-spent.

Solugence fully automates this process. Outline your requirements using our wizard, we'll instantly complete and RFP-like process & then deliver top recommendations on which solutions fit your requirements best and why.

Solugence is "Live" in the following categories.

  • A/P Automation
  • Expense Reporting
  • Spend Management
  • Lease Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Budgeting / Financial Reporting

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