Here Are 5 Ways To Instantly Utilize User Preferences

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Dynamics GP has some functionality that can make your life, or at least how you use Dynamics GP, a little easier. Utilizing User Preferences doesn’t happen nearly as much as it should.


Let’s take a look at some of my five favorite features in the User Preferences window. To access the window, go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu and click User Preferences.


1 - Entry Key

When it comes to entering data in a field, how you move off the field is up to you. You can choose to hit the Tab key or the Return (or Enter) key. By default, Dynamics GP uses the Tab key. If you are a Return key kind of person, you can easily change it in this window.


2 - Window Command Display


Right under the Entry Key option is the Window Command Display. Previously Dynamics GP made a change to how the menu bar appeared in a window and changed it to an Action Pane. With the Window Command Display option, you can change it back to the way it looked before.


What it looks like now:

User Preference Window







What it looked like previously:


User Preference Window After





If you like the way it looks now with the colorful menu, that’s great. If you liked the old way, you can get that back by changing the Window Command Display to Menu Bar. After you change it, log out of Dynamics GP and then log back in to see the change.


You also have the option of the Action Pane Strip, which looks like this:


Action Pane Strip





3 - Reminders


Next, let’s take a look at Reminders. Who doesn’t need a reminder now and then? With Reminders, you can set up reminders on what you want to be reminded of and when to remind you.


There are some predefined reminders available already for those common tasks users often need to complete, such as checking on overdue invoices, items due for a stock count, and others. You can also create your own custom reminders based on a SmartList favorite that meets your specific conditions. Perhaps you want to follow up with your newest customers. You could create a SmartList for customers based on Created Date and then set your Reminder to check in with them.


Customer Reminder Window

4- Display


The Display button opens the User Display Preferences window where you can change the display of your windows in Dynamics GP to make fields easier to see. In this window, you may change the Link Fields font color and style. This changes how links display in the windows. You may also change how Required Fields appear. You may choose red or black as the font color and then change the Font Style.


User Display Preferences


When you have made the selections you want, click Apply to see your changes in the Preview Window. After you verify your settings, click Save and then close the window.


You may expect to see your changes right away, however, if you open a Dynamics GP window you see the Link Fields have been updated but the Required Fields probably have no change. There is one more step you need to follow to display the Required Fields and it is a step that is often overlooked. In Dynamics GP, go to the Help menu and then mark Show Required Fields.


Link Fields and Required Fields in Dynamics GP


Now, when you open a window, you see the changes made to the Required Fields.


Sales Transaction Entry


5 - Autocomplete


The Autocomplete functionality makes data entry a bit easier. When you enter data, such as Customer ID and Vendor ID, Dynamics GP saves the information and offers you a list of suggestions the next time you start typing those characters in a field.


The Autocomplete button opens the Autocomplete Setup window. In this window, you can disable the Autocomplete functionality if you don’t want to see the drop-down list when you enter data. You may also set the number of days an unused entry appears in the list. This is great for those times where you typed something incorrectly and it now appears in the list. Those entries disappear from the list after the designated number of days.


If you did type something incorrectly and you don’t want to wait for the designated number of days to elapse for the entry to disappear from the list, you can manually remove the entry. To do this, start typing in the field and when the list appears, right-click on the entry you want to remove and then click Remove From List.


While these features may seem simple, many people forget they are there and don’t realize how helpful they really can be when working in Dynamics GP.


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  1. Autocomplete is definitely the one I use the most out of this list. When it comes to submitting forms and filling out spreadsheets, it's incredibly valuable.

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