Tool Automatically Matches You With Best Add on Software for Dynamics ERP

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Searching for the right software to fit a specific need is a time-consuming process. Internet research, tradeshows, online demos, and referrals are typical methods. However, we live in the age of technology, so why not have technology do the work for you?

Data-Driven Software Matching with Solugence

Solugence provides a powerful ‘software matching algorithm’ which allows you to identify solutions that are best-fits based on your specific requirements & preferences.

Solugence focuses solely on financial-based software categories that integrate with ERP platforms, with a specific focus on Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  Categories include:

This is how it works:

Then receive a personalized breakdown like this:

This tool simplifies & speeds up the process when you need to find software and provides specific detail on how/why they stack up best with certain products.

Spend 5-10 minutes using a wizard to outline what your business needs and within 24-hours, receive personalize breakdowns of which solutions fit you best.

If you are looking for add on software for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, check out the Solugence tool now, at

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