Top 10 Steps to Prepare for Automating Time & Attendance

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Thinking about upgrading or implementing a time and attendance system for your company? Worried about an overtime lawsuit? ACA compliance regulations have you stressed?

Start here! The team at Sierra has put together a handy list of the top ten steps to keep in mind. This list is a great way to kick start your time and attendance project. We have included all the important aspects of this kind of project and the issues that impact different branches of your company.

Do some of the items on this list have you stumped? Don’t worry. A good time and attendance provider should be well versed in workforce management policies and programs and should be ready to consult with you about best practices.

If you have taken a look at this list ahead of calling a time and attendance provider you will be well prepared for your first call and project launch. Before you know it you will be ready to start making time “work” for you!

10 Steps to Prepare for Automating Time and Attendance

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