Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator: 3 New Enhancements Are Here

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Microsoft Improves Nonprofit Accelerator with New Enhancements for Case and Project Management, Program Design, and Operations


Non-profits operate under continuous pressure to provide services and aid under their organization’s mission—often on a restricted budget and inside of challenging conditions and circumstances. AKA and Microsoft are committed to delivering technology solutions specifically for non-profits to help them succeed in spite of their unique challenges. As a Microsoft Tech for Social Impact group partner, AKA believes they are making a huge impact in improving non-profit services, resources and most importantly, targeted technology solutions.


Meet Microsoft’s Nonprofit Accelerator


Microsoft debuted the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator in 2018 at the NetHope Global Summit as their answer to the system non-profits have been asking for to help them deliver more effectively on their missions. In a nutshell, the Nonprofit Accelerator is a uniform platform that allows non-profits to connect, embed or extend Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to the unique needs of non-profits. In addition to gaining more powerful insights into their data through data silo elimination, the accelerator supports non-profit core processes such as program delivery, the management of volunteers and constituents, fundraising, impact measurement and more.

The Nonprofit Accelerator is a suite of connectors, templates and sample apps built on the Microsoft Common Data Model for Nonprofits. Designed for non-profits, the open-source data schema was built to deliver interoperability for improved insight and efficacy, along with a higher level of data transparency.


A proven tool for non-profits, Microsoft’s Nonprofit Accelerator has successfully reduced the cost of development for non-profits, providing them with a greater portion of their budget to allocate toward supporting other efforts and building more solutions.


3 New Nonprofit Accelerator Features


Microsoft is continuing to invest in improving the Nonprofit Accelerator and released three new enhancements in June 2020:


  • Program Design & Project Management – Ensure programs are aligned to indicators and program objectives, results and budgets. Creates and tracks a theory of change tied to these by tracking associated observations, decisions, assumptions, deliverables and risks.
  • Case Management – Track clients and tie cases to key program goals (and track and evaluate these goals and indicators) when you configure work types and items based on client/case types. Case managers can enter, track and manage via a workflow during any stage of a case.
  • The Operations Toolkit – Smaller non-profits are now able to manage core records and detailed info about vendors, workers—including time allocation--and awards under new award and project management procedures. These processes also aid in establishing trust with funders and reducing costs and help non-profits to develop and manage financial plans for projects and indirect costs.


Unleash the possibilities of better technology for your non-profit with the Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator (now available on AppSource).


Watch the video below to learn more about AKA’s work with LifeWorks. AKA has deep experience working with non-profits and their unique requirements from strict budgets to operational challenges. Learn more about how Microsoft’s technology solutions can take your non-profit to the next level; start a conversation with our non-profit technology experts.



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Article by: Bryn Forrest | 212-502-3900

As Director, Government, Not for Profit, Media Industries, and Existing Customer Marketing for AKA, Bryn has more than 26 years of experience in marketing management, 17 of those with AKA. Under her leadership, AKA has been recognized by Microsoft for excellence in marketing.

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