Business Process Consulting: Does your company need it?

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Business Process Consulting (BPC) might sound like a complex and unnecessary service that’s the preserve of large corporations and multinationals, but at its heart, business process consulting is elegantly simple and devastatingly effective for companies of all sizes.

A Business process consultant takes a deep dive into a company’s inner workings and tries to understand how they handle employees, resources and IT systems, with a view to streamlining operations to improve value for customers and ultimately increase overall profits.

To achieve these lofty goals, business process consultants take an outcome-based approach to their work, using data-driven analysis to cut waste, improve weak systems and generally align every department and system towards the same goals.


How Your Company Can Benefit From Business Process Consulting

The advantages that business process consulting can bring to companies of all sizes are endless. With that being said, here are six of the most obvious benefits that come from working with a good consultant:


You’ll See Your Business Through Fresh Eyes

Managers and employees alike are notoriously unforthcoming when it comes to constructive criticism. That’s completely understandably: Many staff are unwilling to rock the boat and loathe to upset the status quo. A business process consultant on the other hand, provides a confidential third party sounding board for your staff, and brings a fresh pair of eyes (and ears!) that can often uncover brilliant insights that management were completely unaware of.


You’ll Make Better Decisions Using Data

The emergence of powerful cloud-based Microsoft technology and data analysis means that consultants in the IT industries especially are able to track company performance in real time, identifying bottlenecks and minimizing friction. This kind of data means that business process consulting can lead to measurable, numbers backed improvements that can bring huge changes to modern companies.


You’ll Own Your Core Business Model

Established businesses can often grow unwieldy and unfocused over time. Business process consulting can align a company better to their original guiding principles and help them to make better decisions in the future.


You’ll Save Valuable Resources

One area where business process consulting can lead to huge improvements is in the field of resource allocation. With data mapping and performance analysis, IT consultants especially can identify where staff need further training in areas involving software and Microsoft technology, and also if those same staff are over or underworked in their day-to-day office practices.


You’ll Become More Scalable

Scalability for established businesses can be tough. For IT departments in modern offices, it can be difficult to build a map of how to scale Microsoft technology and other IT infrastructure when faced with periods of sudden growth or department expansion. Business process consultants can be a massive help in this area, providing scalable, future roadmaps for front and back offices as they grow in size and complexity.


You Could Gain Advanced Certifications

Business process consultants don’t just streamline and improve systems. They can often give staff an upgrade too: Many consultants can implement certificate training for various Microsoft technology, CRM software, GDPR protocols and even ICO procedures and accreditation. These types of certification can set a company apart from rivals and help win larger, more lucrative contracts.

Taking the plunge with business process consultation can be a daunting prospect, yet companies of all sizes and industry sectors can benefit from the competitive edge that can be achieved with professional analysis of their core systems and internal processes. Contact us to learn more about how Qixas can help you solve your business challenges.

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