5 Features for Effective ERP Management – Emails in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

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When evaluating email marketing efforts within your ERP system, you might often be lead to this deceptively short-and-sweet question: “Is it working?”


Without the right tools at your disposal, it's not an easy question to answer. But it is important because it reveals how well you leverage email marketing to create the personalized buyer experiences that transform cold leads to engaged customers. Applying the appropriate strategies to email marketing can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Implementing comprehensive ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing with apps that support marketing operations can help.


Let’s look at five ways Dynamics 365 Marketing allow you to be more strategic in your email marketing efforts:


  1. Manage Campaigns from the Customer Journey
  2. Automate Emails with Reusable and Dynamic Content
  3. Perform A/B Testing
  4. Score Your Leads
  5. Solicit feedback



1. Manage Campaigns from the Customer Journey


Customer Journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing allow you to:

  • Share information and processes across sales and marketing teams
  • Automate email marketing and run multichannel campaigns
  • Access key insights that promote smart decisions


With sales and marketing data in sync, all the information that is critical to personalizing the buyer experience can be found in one place. You can plot all marketing interactions along the journey from a visual top-level view that resembles a game board.


Customer Journeys also provide access to key email interaction data including opens, reaction time, clicks, bounces and more that can be used to fine-tune your email marketing strategy.



2. Automate Emails with Reusable and Dynamic Content


In Dynamics 365 Marketing you can optimize the email creation process with design and edit tools that support:

  • Standard or customized email templates
  • Reusable blocks of content
  • Dynamic content that personalizes messages


Templates and blocks of reusable content help optimize the email publishing process. Your options are flexible – from using standard templates provided by Microsoft, or creating something more custom. Using easy drag-and-drop tools, blocks of standard, pre-approved content can be placed anywhere in the email draft in seconds.


With templates and reusable content ready to go, you can spend less time writing and focus instead on tailoring the buyer experience to something much more personal.


Dynamic content can transform a generic email into a personalized one. Dynamic content can be automated into the process before a message is sent to a recipient, merging information from a recipient’s contact record.


A typical use of dynamic content is merging a first and last name to personalize an email salutation. But there are more powerful uses for dynamic content. For example, if you are emailing an existing customer, you could use purchase history data to update a dynamic content field with a blurb promoting a product upsell.


With some code work, custom logic can dictate the use of dynamic content anywhere in an email message.



3. Perform A/B Testing


A/B testing capabilities offered with Dynamics 365 Marketing allow you to trial two different variations of the same email, which can reveal messaging that is proven to resonate better with recipients.


4. Score Your Leads


By assigning lead scores based on behaviors and conditions, you can tailor campaigns and foster growth of leads that are more likely to become engaged customers.


5. Solicit Feedback


Insightful feedback from your prospects can be especially useful when planning your future email marketing efforts.






Ready to Go Next-Level?

Want to see how the tools offered with Dynamics Marketing 365 can take your email marketing efforts to the next level? Contact JourneyTEAM to get your organization set up with Dynamics 365 Marketing.


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