Why You Should Never Buy Dynamics GP from a Salesperson

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I do not consider myself a salesperson. I am a technical engineer. Yet, somehow, I am also the person responsible for selling Microsoft Dynamics GP.

While this role does not always sit well with me, I believe it should make our clients feel very confident. As the owner of the company, I have more skin in the game. I am not going to sell something that our team cannot deliver, because ultimately, I am responsible. And as a technical engineer, I am not going to promise something that cannot be done, because I know the features and limitations of the technology.

To keep our Microsoft Silver Competency level, we do actively sell new Microsoft Dynamics GP deals. There are times when I know I could sell a solution I don’t totally believe in, but I won’t.  I truly feel that people respond to me because I’ll only sell what I believe in.

I have competed against large Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partners. They will have 15 people in the room, with fancy PowerPoint presentations that have shining little objects flying around. And the salespeople say all the right sales words.

Then I come in, with perhaps one other technical team member, and instead of presenting, we just get down to the heart of the issue – is this solution a fit for your company or not. That is when the climate in the room changes. I believe most clients are tired of the typical sales presentation.

When the tough questions come up, some salespeople say they need to go back and ask the technical team. Or worse, they just make up an answer and assume the technical team can deliver after the contract is signed.  As a hands-on implementation consultant, I do not need to dodge the tough technical questions, I can answer them at the sales table.

I refuse to be in a position where I need to look at a client and say, “We sold you something that doesn’t work.”

At Dexpro Dynamics, we implement and know Dynamics 365 Business Central, and we often compare it to Dynamics GP. We also implement and know Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) to assist clients that are already users. However, based on market demand, our strength and focus is Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you are evaluating ERP systems, let’s start a conversation. If you already use Microsoft Dynamics GP, I invite you to take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation to talk about your current pressing issue that other consultants were not able to resolve. Then, if we both feel it is a fit, we will provide a free high-level Dynamics GP system assessment.

During this assessment, we will spend up to 4 hours, at no charge, to review your current Dynamics GP system setup and configuration, the health of your servers and your general business processes. This will give you a good understanding of the modules and reports you own, including some you may not know that are there but should be using. Most importantly, this review will show you what it will take to make your system more efficient. You will receive a summarized report of our findings with an action plan that you can use as a roadmap to make the most of your investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

You will never get a sales pitch, just honest answers, from the actual people who are responsible for delivering the results.

Contact us at Dexpro Dynamics at 888-DEXPRO2 or [email protected]

By Marlena Stark, President, Dexpro Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics GP Silver Competency Partner, www.dexprodynamics.com

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