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Use Microsoft Dynamics to Explore Merger and Acquisition Opportunities

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Unfortunately, as the downturn squeezes margins and interrupts cash flow, not all businesses will survive on their own. For some, there will be opportunities to combine forces with another business.

Microsoft Dynamics partners can help organizations quickly explore and execute mergers and acquisitions by leveraging the financial, integration, and automation strengths of Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

  • Identify opportunity-The combined power of Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI supports rich forecasting and scenario building to explore merger and acquisition opportunities.
  • Achieve results quickly- Microsoft Dynamics will help your combined organization move quickly to consolidate and unify operations. Achieve results quickly with:
    • Connected data across business units that support uniform processes
    • Automated administrative processes to improve efficiency
    • Workflows that automatically drive business processes to bridge departments, improve productivity, and reduce errors.

During these times, merging with another company is the answer for some businesses. For others, it is the right time to think of acquisition. Knowing how to manage this can be difficult. The experience that Microsoft Dynamics partners have gained through years of problem-solving comes through can help.

AKA Enterprise Solutions, an experienced Microsoft Dynamics Partner said, “The key to business continuity during a crisis, or even in a situation where you’re being compelled to make changes— which is more the norm these days—is agility. To be ready for any change, technology that has the agility to turn on a dime must be in place. In our experience, the first step in preparing for the unknown is to move critical operations to the cloud. With that, organizations can pivot quickly as conditions dictate.

Would you like to find solutions to help you navigate your business through troubled times? We invite you to download the eBook “9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis” to see how Microsoft Dynamics partners can help you pivot with confidence. This eBook share the insights of seventeen experienced Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partners.

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