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Kathleen Cavnaugh, Sierra Workforce Solutions

Tracking Employee Time during Coronavirus Shutdown

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Tracking Employee Time during Coronavirus Shutdown

Time to Start Tracking Your Employee’s COVID-19 Time Loss

Be prepared for federal and local government business aid by tracking your employee’s COVID-19 time. If you have an automated time and attendance system you can start immediately tracking employee time with appropriate pay codes to be prepared for the business aid. With some easy adjustments to your TimeMaster system, you can start tracking this time securely and accurately. When you need to pull documented COVID-19 time you will be able to easily configure and download the data.

We recommend getting a jump start on this process by setting up two new “COVID-19” pay codes in your system. We recommend that you set up 2 new COVID-19 pay codes, one for the sick leave, usually at a higher reimbursement limit and one for the family leave. Once you set up the new pay codes, you can apply them to the appropriate employees. It’s as easy as that!

If you do not have an automated time and attendance system, now is the perfect time to kick off the project. There are on-premise and SaaS employee time tracking options available to you. We have a variety of the best time tracking software available for you, from simple to complex configurations at various price points as well.

Find yourself sheltering in place at home and trying to track employee time? Not a problem. We can help with that as well. Here’s a handy list of questions that will help you prep for launching your project:

Nervous about automating? We have over 30 years of experience. Our business focuses solely on time and attendance. Customer retention is our main objective, and we take steps to make sure you are empowered and comfortable using your new system. And remember, automation will not only help track COVID-19 time, but it will also help protect you from overtime lawsuits, buddy punching, and more!

The current pandemic is a constantly evolving situation. Business aid packages are being rolled out on a national, state, and local municipality level as quickly as possible. Want to learn more about current DOL guidelines for this unprecedented event? Here’s a helpful link: .

“100% covered by a dollar-for-dollar refundable tax credit”

Allow yourself to focus on other workplace issues knowing that the documentation is taking place in a secure fashion. Are you a current client that needs a refresher on configuring pay codes? Have additional questions? Sierra Workforce’s amazing support team is here for you during this trying time.

Contact us today at or 916-673-2165. Need to contact our sales team? Email us at We can set you up with a personalized demo straight to your remote office. Start making time “work” for you today.

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