Opportunities for Asset Managers with D365 Customer Insights

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: Empowering Asset Management Firms to Leverage Data for More Opportunities


In order to be successful today, asset management firms need to have a deep understanding of their clients, consultants and advisors. While most asset management firms have a sufficient amount of data available to them, the missing link is often their ability to take that data and manipulate it to gain the insights needed to make smart, proactive decisions. Don’t leave business—or in the case of asset management firms, client—opportunities open for your competitors; put your data to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.


Round up Your Data and Put It to Work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a powerful tool for organizations across many industries. If you aren’t familiar with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, check out the blog AKA published in January 2020 with six reasons why companies should use this tool to gain a deeper understanding of customers, prospects, clients, and partners.


Customer Insights is able to round up relevant data from all types of sources, locate it in a single place and leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver insights beyond what any human can deliver—regardless of their extensive tribal knowledge. Organizations armed with this level of knowledge are able to personalize engagement by making improvements to their sales, marketing, services and activities.

But, how do the capabilities of Customer Insights apply to asset management firms?


Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for Asset Managers: Identifying Big Tickets


Intermediaries want to be sure any and all opportunities or vulnerabilities are being addressed—especially big tickets. By targeting specific wholesalers, they can identify a big ticket coming from a data flow/pack, down to the office it came from. The issue, however, is that they are limited in what they can find out beyond that.


Tribal knowledge is the key element wholesalers rely on from their colleagues, but if the expert leaves the firm, they risk being left without one of their most valuable resources. The tool wholesalers really need can:


  1. Determine the big ticket source down to the individual advisor
  2. Determine if the big ticket is a SELL or a BUY
  3. Determine if that specific trade was influenced by the wholesaler


You can decide on the next best action by assessing their relationships, reviewing recent activities with other advisors in their office, and so on. The important question is whether it is a SELL or a BUY? If it’s a SELL, this will prompt a change in strategy or risk of losing wallet share. In the instance of a BUY, you would instead thank them for their business and explore potential complimentary strategies with other clients.


What does Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offer? Customer Insights combines data from all of your sources—even your existing CRM—and even applies public information to enhance that data. It also applies AI, which will then provide you with the robust insights needed to decide on your next action. The rich data within Customer Insights, including transactions over time, product types and wallet share, can be accessed and reviewed by office or advisor. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights doesn’t stop there. This powerful tool even imports public data or life event data based on holdings or financial accounts that could be affecting a certain account or holding.


Did we mention that Customer Insights doesn’t require you to replace your reporting tools or current CRM system?


Missed Opportunities Are a Thing of the Past


Thanks to Customer Insights, you don’t have to rely on a single human and their tribal knowledge. Customer Insights will take your asset management firm’s data and help point you in the right direction; identify who you need to speak with and avoid missed opportunities or lost clients.


Learn how AKA’s Customer Insights for Asset Management firms can help take your asset management firm to the next level. Contact our team to see this powerful tool in action with a Proof of Concept engagement.


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Article by: Tom Berger | 212-502-3900

With 20+ years of field experience, Tom Berger is Vice President of Financial Services for AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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