Great Tools For Migrating Your On-Premise ERP Data Into The Cloud

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If you are planning to move your business data from your on-premises ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, be warned: it’s not as easy as sending an email with an attachment. In fact, data transfer to a new cloud-based solution such as Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central (BC) requires strategic decisions, careful planning, and, above all, the right tools for the job.
Fortunately for Dynamics 365 BC owners, there are many ISVs (independent software vendors) who offer a variety of tools for data migration. But because there are so many choices, it may be hard to know which of these third-party tools are right for your organization.

At BroadPoint, we realize that you have a business to run. We do too, and our business is to help your business run smoothly. We partner with a variety of companies that deliver third-party products that help extend the value of Microsoft ERP.

Here are a few of the popular ISVs for Microsoft Dynamics ERP data migration that BroadPoint partners with and that our clients have had success with:

Sana eCommerce

The Sana eCommerce platform makes sure that all product information and business logic from Microsoft Dynamics is accessible and up to date on any Sana web store. Sana eCommerce integrates fully with Dynamics 365 BC without the need for manually synchronizing or replication of ERP data. You don’t need middleware connectors because Sana eCommerce is built partially inside of Dynamics 365 BC. With your ERP solution and your e-commerce reinforcing each other, you can provide your customers with an efficient, secure, and reliable online experience.


Unlike some other credit card processing apps, ChargeLogic boasts tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics, user-friendly systems, and a strong commitment to safeguarding the cardholder data of its users. Their suite of products is designed to help businesses reduce credit card processing fees and expand their sales channels while delivering exceptional security. ChargeLogic Payments is a PCI-compliant credit card processing solution within Dynamics 356 BC that streamlines customers’ credit card payments. ChargeLogic Connect offers options for processing invoices and receiving customer payments, and includes a click-to-pay option and a payment portal.

Insight Works

Insight Works is a world leader in improving operational productivity. They have developed a family of Dynamics 365 BC add-on modules for warehousing and manufacturing. Shop Floor Insight helps manufacturers eliminate manual time entry. Barcode scanning facilitates production orders, jobs, service orders, and fixed assets. Warehouse Insight automates receiving, movements, cycle counting, and shipping with handheld scanners. Dynamic Ship stores packaging details within Business Central and connects directly with leading shippers to generate labels and communicate with external systems

Multi-Entity Management

Multi-Entity Management (MEM) manages and consolidates operations of your various companies in a single database. It streamlines financial processes by allowing different entities to share items, vendors, customers, and GL accounts. MEM facilitates efficient processing of centralized and decentralized accounting transactions, provides a comprehensive data filtering system for data security and integrity, and minimizes database-related costs.

Jet Reports

If your organization prefers using Excel for your financial and business reporting, Jet Reports allows you to explore data and build and modify reports. This solution provides real-time data from Dynamics 365 BC via mobile devices. Hard-coding and programming skills are not required for this app, and the fields and calculations will be familiar to many users.

Zetadocs Expenses

Zetadocs Expenses also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. On-the-go entries of expenses are recorded directly in Dynamics 365 BC. Categories such as vendor, GL, dimensions, and tax codes are set up to allow speedy processing of expense claims.

AvaTax by Avalara

AvaTax by Avalara leads you efficiently from sales tax calculation to filing with a prebuilt connection to Dynamics 365 BC. AvaTax automatically calculates sales and use tax for transactions and invoices, provides full transaction history, and facilitates detailed reporting through a user-friendly dashboard. You can take transaction data from AvaTax to prepare returns each filing period, or you can outsource filing to Avalara.


Many of our clients have had great success adding functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BCBusiness Central with the apps mentioned above. Each is designed to streamline a business or financial process to save you time and expense. To learn more about how to migrate your on-premise ERP data into the Cloud using one of these tools, contact our Microsoft Dynamics experts at BroadPoint.

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