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Get Paid Faster in Dynamics GP

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Payment collection can be a tedious process. Reaching out to customers, asking for payment, following up—all that time and effort can add up, and if customers aren’t prompt with their payments, it can be even more frustrating.

When paired with EBizCharge, Dynamics GP can give you and your customers easy, efficient payment collection tools that automate the process and help you get paid faster.

EBizCharge for Dynamics GP

EBizCharge for Dynamics GP is an all-in-one payment processing application that seamlessly integrates with GP and allows you to accept payments directly in GP. Installation is quick and there’s no development needed. Once installed, EBizCharge gives you and your customers access to payment collection tools that streamline your process and increase your cash flow.

Convenient payment options

These days, everyone likes to be mobile. Whether we’re on the go, working from home, or in the field, we want to stay connected. So why are you making your customers pay the old-fashioned way?

Let your customers make payments on their own time and in their own way. EBizCharge for Dynamics GP gives you the tools you need to allow your customers to make payments from any device, anywhere. You don’t need to call during business hours, set up a special meeting, or take payments over the phone. Instead, you can empower your customers to quickly and easily make payments any way that works for them. And when customers have a convenient way to pay, they’re more likely to pay on time.

Email pay

If you want to give your customers a simple and seamless way to pay, email pay is a good option.

Email pay allows your customers to make payments directly from their inbox. When you create an invoice, EBizCharge for Dynamics GP automatically sends an email to your customer. They click on the link in their inbox, which takes them to a secure online form. Once they pay, the payment automatically syncs back to GP.

You don’t need to send out multiple PDF invoices every day. Email pay automatically notifies your customers that payment is needed and removes the need for time-consuming follow-up.

Customer payment portal

If you want to give your customers more control over their payments, consider using an online customer payment portal. With a payment portal, your customers have access to their full transaction history, can view outstanding invoices, and make payments on invoices. They’ll have a high-level view of their payment history with your business and can easily manage their transactions.

Once your customers make a payment in the secure portal, it syncs back to Dynamics GP, eliminating double data entry.

A customer payment portal may be best for customers on terms or if you want to allow customers to make partial payments on their invoices.

Get paid faster with EBizCharge for Dynamics GP

Stop spending valuable time and energy chasing down payments and following up with customers. Let EBizCharge for Dynamics GP do the heavy lifting for you by automating outreach, automatically applying payments to invoices, and giving your customers convenient payment options.

To learn more about optimizing your payment collections, getting paid faster, and increasing your cash flow with EBizCharge, get in touch with our team of experts.

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