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Ken Jacobsen, The TM Group Inc.

Consulting firm finds financial reporting footing with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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    The Client
    Serving Fortune 1000 organizations in multiple industries, this international firm specializes in consulting in order to help organizations in engineering, healthcare and information technology make process improvements.


    The Challenge
    After speaking with its accounting partner about recommended financial reporting capabilities, the client was advised to meet with The TM Group. At the very start of the consultation process with this consulting firm, it had an idea of how to go about improving these reporting tasks - namely, by swapping out Quickbooks with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Where the company needed help was in implementation and any recommended modules that would enhance the software's capabilities.

    In short, it had the accounting weapon - but it needed more ammunition.


    The Solution
    Upon learning more about the company's goals and where there was room for improvements, The TM Group proposed a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution bundle that was customized to the consulting firm's goals. The suggested apps included general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as bank reconciliation. To speed up the integration process, we also suggested using eOne Solutions SmartConnect, which seamlessly transfers data from virtually any enterprise resource management or customer resource management software system.


    The Outcome
    Implementation is never a paint-by-numbers approach; each process must be specific to the client. This proved to be the case here, as high turnover made the installation and adoption rather challenging at the outset. However, by facilitating and coordinating with numerous client contacts, implementation was ultimately successful, both in terms of scalability as well as by expanding financial reporting workflows.


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