Commercial fleet services company drives on with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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The Client

Based out of Western Michigan, this repair and services provider specializes in resolving issues associated with businesses' automobiles, such as trucks and vans. Operating for over 30 years now, the organization provides on-site services and has six locations in the Wolverine State, mostly in the southwest.

The Challenge

While the repair aspect of running a fleet vehicle service company puts mechanics under the hood, much of the work takes place behind the desk. Such was the case for this client, and they came to The TM Group with problems related to payroll. The company was experiencing growth in customer volume and staff, but because they relied on a legacy platform for storing data, their existing accounting solution - Quickbooks - proved to be anything but.

Complicating matters further, Quickbooks didn't have automated reporting tools. Staff overseeing the general ledger had to manually input data and organize financial statements,  then export it all to Excel. This prolonged process not only wasted time and resources but raised the risk of accounting errors, which would ultimately render the financial statements meaningless due to inaccuracies.

Recognizing issues like these before - and after evaluating the company's situation - The TM Group suggested an alternative.

The Solution

The TM Group recommended Microsoft Dynamics GP, a business management solution that makes scalability possible for businesses of all sizes. The platform includes several modules, including those that addressed the client's pain points, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation and - most importantly - payroll. As a supplement, Greenshades Software was also suggested to help with payroll tax filing.

The Outcome

Some ERP implementation processes take longer than others, and this one presented some issues at the outset because each solution had to be customized to services that the business provided. To expedite things, The TM Group related one One Smart Connect, which assisted with data integration and pairing the add-on applications with the Microsoft Dynamics GP software architecture.

Thus far, accounting operations are running more smoothly than before, but work still needs to be done. In addition to Greenshades installation, Time Guard Pro, which assists with employee attendance management and tracking, will also be integrated into the newly enhanced, fully scalable payroll and accounting solution.

The TM Group is committed not just to helping you find the right ERP software as a strategic adviser, but with implementation as well, so it's customized to the needs of your organization. Please contact us and we'll get it done - and done well.


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