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How Microsoft Dynamics Can Help Protect Cash Flow with Tighter Controls During Difficult Times

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    Businesses are feeling the pressure of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have faced unforeseen challenges that are difficult to manage. Such challenges require innovation at the highest levels and execution that leaves nothing to chance.

    Dynamics partners are building pathways through uncharted territory by bringing innovative approaches to problems no one expected, all while working to stabilize, reopen, and respond during an unprecedented crisis.

    In this article, we will show how Microsoft partners, using the power of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, are helping struggling organizations survive by protecting cash flow.

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    Protect cash flow with tighter controls

    Managing cash flow is always important, but during uncertain times maintaining liquidity is the key to survival. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the insight and tools to tighten cash flow controls.

    Automate receivables workflow

    By automating invoicing and payment collection, you can reduce the time it takes to get paid and to manage collections. Microsoft Dynamics ERP can support automated receivables workflows to:

    • Send out invoices quickly, including customer-specific payment terms
    • Accept electronic payments, including SafePay, EFT and ACH
    • Provide insight into customer history to give accounting personnel perspective

    Centralize accounts payable

    Microsoft Dynamics can provide centralized management of

    invoices—paper and digital—driving automated workflows to guide

    the review and approval process. Centralized accounts payable

    allows your team to:

    • Have full visibility into the entire accounts payable process
    • Work proactively with vendors to extend terms and adjust purchases based on new forecasts
    • Impose minimums or maximums for purchase orders to ensure margins are preserved

    “Once the crisis has passed, and it will pass, companies that have made the investment in Electronic Funds Transfer will benefit by having this more secure, environmentally friendly, efficient process in place for issuing payments. “Enavate, Inc., Microsoft Dynamics Partner

    As the ‘new normal’ continues to wreak havoc on businesses, surviving has become the top priority. For some, this means protecting cash flow with tighter controls. Knowing how to manage this can be difficult. But when times are difficult, the experience that Microsoft Dynamics partners have gained through years of problem-solving comes through.

    This eBook “9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis” combines the insights from seventeen top Microsoft Dynamics Partners.

    We invite you to download the eBook to see how Microsoft Dynamics partners can help you pivot with confidence.

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