3 Ways ERP Streamlines Sales Order Processing

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a business process management software that helps manage and integrate enterprise-wide data from finance, operation, human resources (HR), supply chain, and various other functions. While organizations always have some software to manage data for each of their business functions, but if each system operates in silos, the management team is unable to get an over-arching view of the business to make well-informed decisions.

With ERP, the gaps between the disparate systems and cross-functional teams are bridged. A good ERP enables teams to collaborate and create one fluid enterprise-wide data stream that increases transparency and trust across the teams. This includes sales order processing. Sales order processing refers to both the status of the requested product or services and the process in which goods/services reach the consumer after they place an order.

3 Ways ERP Streamlines Sales Order Processing

The order-to-cash cycle can be accelerated with an efficient ERP. By automating order capturing to enhancing customer experience, a good ERP can help you retain your existing customers and also expand your business. ERP helps companies to introduce automation at each level – order, sales, customer service, finance and accounting, supply chain, fulfillment, and cash delivery. Here are 3 ways ERP systems make this possible:

  • Automates Order Capturing:

    As the consumers become web-savvy, there has been a considerable shift towards tech-enabled sales channels instead of the traditional in-person, phone, fax, and email channels. A sound ERP system enables comprehensive automation capabilities. It eliminates the challenges of manual data entry, manual paper routing, lack of coordination, and lack of transparency natural to traditional sales order processing.

  • Accelerates Order Fulfillment:

    Efficient, cloud-based ERP facilitates sales, customer service, finance, and fulfillment data stored in a place where all teams can access real-time access. With order automation, it becomes easier to move orders swiftly through the virtual value chain and meet the expectation of accelerated order fulfillment.

  • Improves Customer Experience:

    In a world where the customer has many options to choose from, there is no substitute for excellent customer experience. Customers today are also restless, and therefore, slow response time is not only unacceptable, it can also result in order cancellation and can have an adverse impact on the business. By automating the entire value chain, including the frontline service, organizations can save time as well as re-direct its skilled resources to more complicated, niche work areas.

How to Choose the Right ERP

There are hundreds of ERPs in the market today, but many companies are still hesitant about ERP. The hesitation largely stems from the fear of making the wrong choice. The thumb rule for choosing an ERP that is perfect for your enterprise is that the new ERP should be able to help your team take the best of the business processes you’re using right now and bring them together under one system.

Another critical factor for selection should be that the ERP you choose should be compatible with the other systems you are using right now and bring new features that help you grow. Other factors that you should consider are mobile compatibility, support for cloud-based hosting, and easy upgrade and maintenance.

Explore Microsoft Dynamics 365

If you are looking for an ERP system that fits all the criteria mentioned above, check out Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 is designed to speed up your company’s growth by helping you adapt rapidly to the changing market demands. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has dedicated modules that can help you optimize operational procedures, streamline your supply chain, and enhance the overall customer experience.

The dedicated e-commerce module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is exclusively meant for streamlining customer experiences, loyalty programs, and online stores with backend systems such as operations, inventory, and resource utilization.

Looking to implement an ERP system for your enterprise? Contact a Synoptek expert today.

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