Top Reasons to Customize Dynamics GP

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Dynamics GP is based on the Microsoft technology platform and provides an excellent foundation for creating customizations and extensions.  Simple field additions can be handled easily while more completed customization can be coded using Dexterity, the code in which Dynamics GP was originally established.

Unfortunately, customization when not properly planned and justified can be problematic. There are good reasons to customize Dynamics GP including connecting siloed systems or creating a competitive advantage. Or, maybe you simply want to build discipline or processes into your organization. Whichever the rationale, choosing the right technology partner is critical.

Express Information Systems has been serving the business community for more than 30 years and has vast experience with a variety of customization efforts. Express always follows a specific implementation methodology to ensure that the customization is valuable for the business and, its users. Our methodology focuses on the business reason for the customization, planning, and configuration, as it’s important how the customization fits into the current environment.

During the customization process, functional and technical specifications are written. At Express, we go above and beyond with extensive testing including user acceptance and use case testing. By involving our clients in testing, we ensure that upstream and downstream processes are tested as well.

Lastly, Express provides comprehensive documentation for all our customizations. Too often documentation for customizations is neglected, but we believe the project is not complete until the final documentation has been delivered.

With all of that said, here are the Top Reasons to Customize Dynamics GP:

Eliminates Redundancy. When companies expand, they must deal with many issues including too few people doing too many tasks. Everybody is overburdened and the pipeline of new work seems endless. Given the current economic climate, expanding headcount is not at the top of management's list of solutions. However, automating redundant, manual tasks could allow your organization to boost sales and production volume without having to add more people to manage the additional load.

Empowers People. It’s important to rely on people for many tasks however, the value in having them manually enter and process data that the system could process automatically is extremely low. We have seen way too many Controllers that operate more like glorified clerks as they spend more time entering and managing data than evaluating it. Customizing your system to automate non-value-added tasks and deliver high-quality data would enable you to convert your highly-paid data entry clerks back into analysts.

Saves Money. The Dynamics GP channel is packed with fantastic 3rd party ISVs that, on the surface, have a solution for everything. When making this big decision, be sure to compare the cost of having your system customized with the cost and the compromises you might have to make with the ISV solutions available. You might find that you get a better, more cost-effective solution with customization as not everything is one-size-fits-all.

Instills Control. In place of spending substantial time and money policing people to verify business rules are being followed, those rules can be programmed into the system. It forces alignment of the operations with the corporate strategy. In the beginning, some people may not like it as change is tricky. Be confident that the results will be positive in the end.

At the end of the day, you should plan any customizations carefully and consult with experienced, tenured professionals. And, don’t worry about customizations interfering and causing issues with upgrades because we have experience with that, too... connect with Express! 

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