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How Microsoft Dynamics Can Help You Pivot During This Time of Uncertainty

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Cover-Dynamics Crisis ResponseToday, businesses are facing many unique and unexpected challenges. COVID-19 has caused businesses to feel financially stressed and quickly forced to operate in uncharted waters.

What is the key to survival? The answer lies in strict innovation and execution that leaves nothing to chance.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft productivity tools like Teams, are helping organizations pivot from the former way of operating to what is now the ‘new normal’.

In this post, we’ll briefly share two out of nine creative ways Microsoft Dynamics is helping businesses solve unexpected problems and pivot during crisis. We will focus on how Microsoft Dynamics can help organizations overcome the problems social distancing has brought to their employees and customers.

Empower customers with self-service options

Social distancing and stay at home orders have forced businesses to rethink their customers’ journey. Microsoft Dynamics partners are working with organizations across different industries to create self-service solutions.

These innovative customer self-service options allow customers to do more than just check on the status of an order or payment. Multi-channel support frees up valuable paid employee time and extends an organization’s reach. They can also be used to deliver great customer experiences, such as:

  • Virtual agents that assist with common problems and processes.
  • Provides easy access to inventory, scheduling, and product information to resellers, distributors, and suppliers.
  • Customer information hubs housing frequently asked questions and community forums.

Enable remote workforce productivity

The overnight switch to work from home has been a crash course on digital collaborations. Employees accustomed to collaborating in person have had to adjust quickly. And during times of turmoil, effective idea sharing is more important than ever.

Microsoft Partners are helping remote teams stay productive by using Microsoft Teams and Dynamics ERP. Using these tools, business groups can share files and information just as they would in the office. For example, your employees can:

  • Use video-technology to create virtual conference rooms.
  • Collaborate at scale on a single Dynamics record or multiple records using Dynamics view.
  • Use Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real-time to work with customers and colleagues.

During times of uncertainty, innovation is crucial to survival. Businesses may struggle to keep their employees productive and manage communication with customers. But by using the innovative pathways Dynamics partners have built, you can have effective solutions to problems no one expected.

Many organizations are relying on their Dynamics partners to solve these challenges and create opportunities. To read more on the solutions mentioned here as well as several others, download the full whitepaper “9 Creative Ways Microsoft Dynamics is Helping Businesses Pivot During Crisis”.

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