Digital Transformation During COVID-19

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During times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural to think that digital transformation would be put on hold. Employees are already overwhelmed with major disruptions to their personal and professional lives. So how could they possibly fathom another large disruption, like a digital transformation project.

According to The Enterprisers Project, times of crisis actually help drive innovation and digital transformation because many companies are finding that innovation and enhanced technology helps them adapt to the other changes going on around them.

Here are a few additional reasons why the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other crises, are often a catalyst for innovation and digital transformation:

  • Work-from-home is the new normal. If companies were previously resistant to allowing employees to work remotely before, they have now been forced to jump on the work-from-home trend. This has sparked the need for enhanced technology to make their work doable from their new home offices while maintaining a high level of efficiency that they would have in the office.
  • There’s an increased need for telehealth and telemedicine. One amazing development that has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ability for healthcare workers to interact with, diagnose and treat patients remotely. Hello, telehealth! This has been crucial in order to protect frontline workers from contracting the virus while still being able to help patients. What has made this possible? Technology!
  • School is taking place at home instead of in the classroom. Today, parents have become teachers and teachers have become drivers of e-learning. The need to continue educating students, even with schools closed, has increased the need for technology to allow schools, universities and colleges to go virtual. Digital transformation is at the forefront of schools as they seek better ways to reach and educate students while they are home.
  • Events and entertainment don’t need to stop just because people can’t attend. Ride a Disney theme park ride, attend a concert, visit a museum… remotely! Organizations are using digital technology to continue to provide entertainment and events for all of us who are at home and missing state fairs, concerts and theme parks. This allows them to stay top-of-mind so that they will continue to attract tourists and attendees when the world opens up again.

Now is the time to go full-steam-ahead on your digital transformation initiatives! Whether you're doing it to support employees during this crisis or the next one, digital technology helps companies make sure their business operations stay up and running no matter what is happening in the world around them.

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