Azure Cloud Saves Global Non-Profit: Remote Work & COVID-19

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How a Global Non-Profit’s Remote Workforce Leveraged Microsoft Azure During COVID-19

With the onset of COVID-19, many organizations were suddenly required to support remote working for their employees to ensure operations remained consistent and services uninterrupted.


While a global humanitarian medical non-governmental organization (NGO) already had a successful remote workforce in place, they still faced a major hurdle when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This global non-profit provides critical healthcare services to address native diseases that cross countries of multiple races, religions, creeds and political leadership.


With COVID-19, the organization needed to onboard new remote employees who now had to access the organization’s network and applications through their own personal device—even if it wasn’t SaaS-enabled. Getting these employees set up was going to be a challenge; time was of the essence to ensure hiring and access to critical systems would not be at a standstill, affecting the ability to deliver much-needed services.


Microsoft Azure to the Rescue


Fortunately, the organization had recently implemented the Microsoft Azure Cloud with AKA Enterprise Solutions as part of an overall initiative to go 100% cloud. With Microsoft Azure already deployed, the organization was ready to extend its network and allow their remote workforce and new staff to safely and securely access applications and files, including “legacy” applications, from a web browser, laptop, or mobile device.


After a short discussion, AKA developed a solution to enable new hires to access critical applications and other internal resources in just a matter of days. The solution for new hires enabled them to use an existing personal device to access website resources that were not SaaS-enabled. The AKA Azure experts used Azure to configure and deploy remote desktop services, based on user accounts, so users could log into a secure portal to access applications, internal resources, and on-premise file servers. To protect against phishing, hacking, and ransomware attacks, Azure’s security features were also deployed.


Microsoft Azure Cloud delivered outstanding, scalable, and frictionless results in a short period of time. 20 new hires were onboarded within just a few days, and the organization’s IT team can now easily add capacity via a new server very quickly.


Moving to the Cloud Does Not Need to Be Difficult


Modernizing the workplace by moving to the cloud is the right strategy for preparing your business to succeed during difficult times (such as COVID)—and even under normal circumstances. Microsoft Azure Cloud enables your entire workforce to be productive remotely. Ready to discuss how-to future-proof your business? Contact AKA today!


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Article by: Bryn Forrest | 212-502-3900

As Director, Government, Not for Profit, Media Industries, and Existing Customer Marketing for AKA, Bryn has more than 26 years of experience in marketing management, 17 of those with AKA. Under her leadership, AKA has been recognized by Microsoft for excellence in marketing.

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